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December 9th 2016

Shearing over for another year, it was so efficient and quick that
I forgot to take a photograph.  Gave chamomile the night before and
no one spat, only Ayni wet himself, held on too long !!!!!

They were all so glad to take their coats off and were very happy afterwards. 
We as usual were blessed with a good day and have never had to cancel in 20 years.

Weather so far has been gorgeous.  Rain every so often and just a few 30
degree days. Just as I like it. May it not get any hotter.

Have now some South American herbs and Leti seems much better.  No stiff
legs and fleece patches filled but Gaia is taking a long time, she must get there.!!

Lots of baby chickens, ordinary and bantams, no ducklings and Taco Mother
Goose has not managed to get any ducklings. So sad.

Have put two hawthorn trees in, magical and a door to the other worlds.
Garden is growing well. Heroides has been pruning willows and the Alpacas
have enjoyed the leaves.

Doing an advanced spiritual wildness course and really enjoying same.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   
Namaste     Joy.     Alpaca Caregiver.


The Girls before shearing Monty & Mbale

November 2016

Everything green here and the Black Locust trees are
 blooming. Have put in delphiniums and Lily of the Valley and
Foxgloves and a Hawthorn tree, (magic).   Warming up and not
so much rain yet in November but having said that we had 24 mls
last night, terrific.!!

Gaia and Leti still being treated and Leti has had stiff back
legs again. have ordered South American herbs for them both.
Candace Wingo from the States is sending them for tummy and
immune system. Am also giving colloidal silver and electrolytes in
the mean time.  It is funny years ago I gave her Holistic advice now
the tables have turned.!!  Everyone else is well Mbale feeling the
heat and so is Monty. We had a little episode with Mbale and a bone,
he may not have any more as he always swallows the last bit too big.!!

Heroides cutting garden grass for the first time this year, very long,
he is collecting it to use in chicken nests etc. Soon be time to put the
spa on, hurray!!.

Went for a crystal bed healing last Saturday and my heart is now fine.
Just a benign murmur which is nothing.

Really not much world shattering news, we have had enough of
that this week have we not!!!!.  I am trying to think positive and hope
Trump will suddenly become angelic!!  We must all act from our heart love.

Taco our 23 year old Goose is sitting on 7 duck eggs so do hope she is lucky and she gets a late family, she so deserves it and she will be sooooo happy.

Have a great rest of the spring and I will return here after shearing at the beginning of December.    Namaste Joy     Alpaca Caregiver.

Rainbow over La Granja La Ganja in full Bloom My Gorgeous Mbale







News October 18th 2016

Spring is here, some days are in the low 20's and others like today 13 degrees
or below. But that is OK and enjoyable. 4 mls of rain so far today and
everywhere is so green. Life is good.

I am so contented at La Granja and just wish the rest of the world could be
the same, contented and at Peace, I did the Fae course with Billie Dean this month
and am going to do another 30 days of Spiritual Wildness in November.  Life is good. 
I am also doing an Oprah meditation in November.

Just wish I was allowed to adopt more dogs and cats and possibly another
cria or two!!    Dreamer!!

I love writing and am going to write a book about spiritual matters. 
Am painting too and hopefully improving. Lots to do with life yet.

My heart is fixed and health now good. Only my knees to fix now so that
I can run and go on my knees again.
Have been busy in the garden, Taking and planting cuttings and everything
is looking good, the rosemary has been exceptional, so blue. 
Planted sun flowers love those.

Full moon the other night and drummed on verandah and burnt my
weaknesses in the fire.   There is such a good feeling in the air at the
moment and I am waiting for good things to happen this year.

Keep well and happy out there.   Namaste Joy    Alpaca Caregiver.

Mbale & Monty in rain Jackets Old Boy, bless his heart
made by Hero
Fluffy bantam and babies Tagasaste in bloom

News September 9th 2016

What a special day, 9/9/9/. Doing a super course with Billie Dean,
30 days of Spiritual Wildness.  Going to do ceremony later.

Girls and boys given Cod Liver oil and Gaia, Slippery Elm with Diatomaceous
Earth with extra Cod liver oil.

Just last weekend the creek rushed through over the weir and
Lake George is filling up. I think spring is with us, the wattles are
out in full bloom and the blossom is coming pink and white.

Offered to have Kerry and Garry's three boy Alpacas here, used
to be ours, but they decided to leave them at home and let their
sons look in every few days, do not like it, but there you are.
They have gone overseas.

Heroides saw the first Tiger Snake of the season today and
I saw the first shingle back lizard.

Ducks and chickens are laying like mad again. We were not
without eggs all winter.  I love spring and everything is
coming alive again.!!

The course I am doing on line is super, with homework
every day, lovely. Other members are from all over
the world.

Going for my sign off with my murmur on 21st and feel
all is well.  So many healings and on special diet and
natural medicine and meditation and affirmations and tapping. 
A new woman that is me.!!!!!!

Wish you all good health and prosperity.   
With love and compassion.  
                                       Joy AA   Alpaca Caregiver.

Creek in full flood                   Wattle in Bloom  

Mbale smelling the Narcissi Rosemary in full bloom

News August 10th 2016

8th/ 8th  Lions Gate, important days all this week until 12/8.
Blessed change and empowerment.  I am an 8 by my name and
an 8 by my Birth date.!!!

All is well at La Granja. We had Kerry and Garry a round to
help with the cutting of Alpaca toenails. Gaia is having
Charcoal to thicken her poo, as recommended by Kerry.

Has been so far, a very wet windy winter. But very lovely and
sunny today. Alpacas happy, both dogs with a marrow bone.
Wattles are budding, bulbs appearing and the Lake George filling.

It was Heroides Birthday yesterday and had Ruth and Sue
around for nibbles and drinks.

Looking forward to spring, I love spring and autumn best
of all the seasons.

Went for a healing evening last Friday with James Baban and
going this week for a Balance and healing.

Namaste and may good health follow you.    
Joy Alpacacarer

Guevara                             Florino

Heroides on his Birthday Mbale with Monty's favourite toy,
Monty had brought it to him

News July 7th 2016


A sad day, the 14th anniversary of my fourth Grandson drowning in the bath.
  I miss him but he is my spiritual guide.

A wet winter. Good in a lot of ways, will grow the grass and keep the ground
wet but the Alpacas are not impressed as they like to sunbake.
Their coats have been drenched and we have one or two seniors.

Panchita loves to be in at night, Leti's back and legs are better and everyone
else is fine. We are having Garry and Kerry in a week to help to cut their nails
as some are very long. We think the shearers helper did not do them short enough,
Heroides usually does it.

My Birthday went off well with the family here, except for three Grandsons as
they were busy with their jobs towards University.

The world seems to be going mad, With Britain getting out of the EU and the
election here being so long to come to a conclusion. Certainly we will be much
worse off with Pauline Hanson in the Senate. Oh dear.!!

Only half way through winter, not my favourite season, cannot wait for spring.

Joy   Alpacacarer


 Nicola & Monty                           Family      

My Vegan Birthday Cake


June 10th 2016

Within a fortnight of Mimosa passing Misty went down with exactly the
same symptoms, bloating and not eating,and lying down a lot. Jan came and
she passed to be with her friend Mimosa, I am convinced this is what she wanted.
She did it in sympathy with her friend.

Then a week later I noticed Leti had bare patches on her back legs and under
her arms. We thought  zinc and castor oil would be the best remedy. But then
her back and back legs stiffened. She sat down more than usual but was  eating
and drinking well. Jan came again after a few days and thought it was a fungal
infection ,what we had done was fine.  She had pain killer by mouth for the back
pain for a few days and then Vitamin C for a few days for healing and immunity
and seems to be now ok.

We have just had a big rain event 66 mls so far and the creek has flooded through. 
All the east coast have had the same or more.  The ducks and geese are enjoying
it but he Alpacas not so much. They have been under cover at night and fed.
Lovely to see the rain after so much dry weather.101 mls total

Had to go for my yearly medical test for driving this week and eyes good.
Could read all but the bottom line glassless but unfortunately the Doctor tested
my heart and reckon I have a murmur. Usually very fit. always get high blood
pressure when I go to the Doctor.!!

Fertilized the orchard with autumn leaves and Alpaca poo and finished
knitting an Alpaca scarf.

Have started a new page on Face Book "Advocates for Alpacas" to fight
for them mainly against eating them.

Keep well and warm.   Namaste Joy    Alpaca Caregiver

Mist and her daughter Alegria Misty, She was a 18Year old Appaloosa
She had been abused before
we had her. My new fairy in my Circle of Life


News May 9th 2016
          Sadness on the 2nd of May as Mimosa passed.  She was in her 20th year.
On Friday I went out shopping and Heroides fed the Alpacas. On Saturday I noticed
she was not eating, drinking a little water but not defecating.  We gave her 2 lots of paraffin oil as thought it was a blockage, as most common illness we have had and the symptoms were right.  She was slow but kept keeping up with the herd and not cushing much.
           We rang Jan early Monday morning, Hero had to go to Bungendore as
without the phone. She and a helper came by 11.30 am and she examined her and
reckoned she had bone cancer, bumps on ribs and apart from a bloated  stomach,was thin.
We agreed it was her time and Jan gave her a tranquilizer, she leant against
Hero, followed by the injection. However she did not pass but snored and still breathed.
Her veins were fragile. Much to my horror Jan suggested shooting her to not let
her suffer anymore. Horrible but necessary, I had to walk away. Consequently the
rest of the Alpacas did not see what happened and say goodbye as I felt the horror
was too much. She was bonded to Misty and Misty I am sure wondered where she
had gone. All so sad. I released her soul and Hero buried her beside Popa, her daughter.
Now only 21 Alpacas left, I did so want her to reach her 20th but not to be.!!

       Everything else is fine and we have had 24 mls of rain, terrific, over the
weekend, Mothers Day, so Gaia and Mother earth responded.  
Very good, as had planted sycamores and bulbs and other flower seeds.
The ducks loved the rain.

      Both sons rang for Mothers day and I went at dusk to take photos of lots
of orbs or fairies in the la Granja bushes and trees and around my fairy circle or
circle of life. Have just finished a Fairyology course. Very interesting. !!
Have always believed in them, they are just another realm.

          Namaste to you all. Joy    Alpaca Caregiver.

RIP Mimosa with Corto Mother with Fluffy bantam chicks
(Also in Heaven) and Mbale she had nine?

Monty in Fairies Circle with Fairies Fairies & Orbs at Fairie Circle

News April 6th 2016

Special ,as Mbale's 11th Birthday, same age as me !!!!  How time flies, not enough
hours in the day to do all I need to do, especially with daylight saving.
Gardening, necessary now it is autumn, feeding Alpaca, poultry & dogs & ourselves.

Wishing hard for some rain, only 30 mls in March and the weather is still very warm.
 Have some sycamores to put in but not until it rains.

Everyone is well, the Alpacas have had their autumn Cod Liver Oil.
We change their paddocks regularly so that they have a change of scene.

All the trees are turning marvelous red and yellows especially a
Manchurian Pear I planted..

Went to the Bungendore Church Fair last Saturday and bought some lovely
African jewelry and material and china for presents and for myself.
Love all things African, since living in Uganda.

Still have to keep an eye for snakes but mostly started sleeping now.

Have a spa every day for therapy reasons on my knees. Lovely.!!

Hero is putting together a scaffold he bought to cut the tops of the poplars.
I do not agree, I think they will be fine, but he wants to cut them before
they fall in a storm on the house or garages.  Sensible I suppose,
although I tell him this is sacred space, and they look gorgeous and
will not like being cut.

I adore autumn and spring, my best seasons.Our small chickens are growing
and we have had 20 this year, standard and bantam.

Once the leaves have fallen I will let the Alpacas in the garden,
but will have to cover small and vulnerable plants as they tend to
nibble everything. Have had lots of cactus figs, they are our lunch,
we all eat them even the dogs.
Self- Sufficiency.!!

May you all obtain your fondest wishes.   Namaste JOY Alpaca- caregiver.


Sunflowers  			Mony Computer
My Sunflowers, over their best Monty helping me with the
computer work
Mbale on his new mattress All dressed up for Mbale's birthday
not yet placed in sleeping position he is 11 same age as me!!

March 9th 2016

This has been an awful summer, sorry to be negative!!!.  8 days in January over
30 degrees 10 days in February over 30 and now in March over 2 weeks of it.
Dislike it, we only ever used to get 4 or 5 days.

Luckily we had one storm this month with 16 mls of rain and everything is still green.
But watering tubs of plants and troughs and water bowls for chickens, ducks and
geese plus wild life and Alpacas and dogs is ongoing.  I was so glad when we
reached March and autumn but it was worse.  Rain is so necessary, but the storms
we have had are abnormal and there are cells all around and they are quite frightening.
( climate change !!)

Mbale is nearly eleven and has never been frightened of storms, he has to go on
the bed now when there is one. This is ever since the house was hit 2 years ago.

Still we could be worse off as other people in the world are and must be grateful
for what we have, food, clothing, shade and water etc , etc..  Think of refugees
with nothing and many locked up and with the threat of being sent back.!!!! 
Whatever happened to LOVE and COMPassion.

On Monday Dilly Mother Duck had 7 babies from 7 eggs, clever girl, but very sadly
that night a Tiger Snake got in and ate three.  No bodies but Heroides found the
evidence, a snake with three bumps in the belly. The run was quite safe but they
are now going in a snake free run at night. Poor babies and Dilly has been sitting
solidly in this heat for four weeks. Nature is sometimes cruel.

Everyone else fit, but Ayni has had a limp but was cured with
vitamin C.  March is fascinating, a sun eclipse and a moon eclipse later and today
has 7 x 3's very spiritual.

Namaste until April .       Joy Allenby- Acuna.    Alpaca   Caregiver.

Mbale and his toy Storm Cell

The Old Boy


February 9th 2016

Lovely month weather-wise so far, not too hot ,20's and already some rain!!
Very misty yesterday, love misty mornings, when the Alpacas appear as if from nowhere.!!  Last month was not so bad either and we had a total of 111mls and 11 days.

Yesterday was the Chinese New Year so expect some transformations and manifestations. Have two grandchildren who are monkeys and this is the fire monkey year.

Jan ( our vet ) came today and checked Panchita's ear, probably a seed but could not
find it and we have to keep on with the oil. Gaia we will just have to put up with her
doping cow pats instead of pellets as there is no reason for this just that her digestive system has changed for whatever reason.  She has had every remedy possible and is
perfectly healthy and not losing condition.

One mole was taken off Mbale's shoulder as he kept knocking it and it bled. 
Next time she is going to take another from his belly. Did not have suitable stitching equipment with her today.   Monty became very excited with her visit.

We are looking lovely and green and all my plants are growing and dividing. 
Two mother bantams have had three and two babies respectively and another has
just birthed nine bantam chicks.

We had a huge storm in January and flashes and rumbles were all around us and
drenching rain, but we stayed safe and the Alpacas were inside and fed.

Cheers until autumn then.
Namaste. Joy Alpaca Caregiver.

Chickens on the Tramploine Alpacas eating Poplar Leaves
Heroides & Montevideo Misty morning at La Granja

January 8th 2016

Here we are in the New Year again, how quickly they come around.

We have had gorgeous rain here this week 27 mls. Lovely, tanks are full and
everything has perked up, a tinge of green.

Alpacas are well, all looking good after shearing. They were in for a night in the
shelter as they were shivering with the rain.

Poor Taco the goose sat for three weeks on 6 duck eggs and did not get a baby!!.
They appeared to be unfertilized, I bought them in especially and the remaining one
died, a week before due, in the egg. We will see what eventuates next year,
but she is 22 years old.!!

Mariposa, our rescue, crested pigeon is well and sleeps mostly in the goose run,
sensible as she is protected there. If really cold Heroides brings her in for the night.

Christmas was very tiring, too social. Christmas Eve at Lol's brothers, Christmas Day
at Mark's and Boxing day here. All too much and everyone gets exhausted.
May skip next year if able.

Monty and Mbale are well and Hero is making Mbale a new rain jacket.

Lots of black cockatoos this year, every morning they are in our black locust trees
and the fir trees. Very good as they are supposed to be disappearing.

Namaste  Joy AA    Alpaca Caregiver.

Hero with Ninfo & woofers Mariposa Gemma & I,
just before Christmas



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