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December 10th 2015

Another shearing over last weekend successfully and thank goodness Ian sent
his son and a helper, who is also a trained shearer as Ian's wife was ill.
I always book him ahead from year to year.

Mike and Mick were very good and there were only a couple of small nicks and
no hurt legs from the ropes, mind you I did give him my instructions first!!. 
We started at 8.30 am and were finished by 11,30 am, 25 creatures.
Vivien came to help with the fleece and Garry and Kerry brought back their
three boys, as they do every year. Tololo and Manchado were looking good,
they only went with them last year.

As I had given Chamomile flowers the night before, half a packet to each lot,
boys and girls, no one spat and only three had a wee. It really is worthwhile
giving them the chamomile. Would like to try Rescue Remedy too but Hero can
never stop long enough.!!

It was a brilliant day weather wise, as it has been every year, never had to cancel,
it was 31 degrees and not too windy either. They loved being free of their fur
jackets and rolled and lay in the sun.

We have had an orphan magpie and crested pigeon here, the pigeon, Mariposa is
still ok and comes in at night and roosts on the top of the larder, but sadly Pico passed.

Am collecting two girl ducks tomorrow from the markets for the lone boy and 6
duck eggs to go under a mother goose who is sitting as sadly our gander is infertile.
(22 years old though)

Have a Happy Christmas and New Year everyone.     
Joy, Alpaca Compassionate Caregiver.

Before Shearing  During Shearing
Before Shearing During Shearing After Shearing Heroides&Mariposa
After Shearing Heroides & Mariposa

News November 1st 2015.

Coming up to shearing next month. Not too hot yet, but the girls sometimes
feeling it and paddling some days.  Those with thick fleece especially.  Lovely
spring  not too hot, 20's but could do with some rain, looks as though we will get
it this month. Still lovely and green. Garden is looking good as girls have not been in
for a while so letting the new trees grow, unsurrounded.  Mbale looking good and loves
to be in the sun. Heroides has been trimming trees (poplars) but has stopped now
until next winter.

We have a new pet, a baby magpie, Hero rescued from the paddock, lost without
a Mum, he is enjoying raw kangaroo meat every so often and calls if too long
between feeds, Pico, hope we save this one.

I do so wish Australia would get on with natural wind and sun power, think
about climate change and global warming and not coal. Also bring in same sex marriage
and nor engage in wars. Thought Malcolm was going to be better and of course
he is, than Terrible Tony, but seems slow to act.

Beltane this weekend so shall be doing nature ceremony and it was a third super
moon this week as well.  Universal Abundance and 9,9, 9

See you in December   Namaste     Joy.  
Alpaca  Caregiver and Animal Communicator


Heroides trimming Poplars Morning rest time Nieta

October 3rd 2015

Well winter is now well and truly behind us as suddenly the temperature has
sprung to 25 degrees and due to be 30 by Tuesday. A bit of a sudden shock
after enduring a long cold hard frosty winter. I am hoping the rain keeps coming
from time to time as then it will remain green as it is now.

All alpacas except Misty had their quarterly CLO today. Misty gets very frisky
and we will give hers at shearing.. With the green, Gaia's runs came back and
she is on diatomaceous earth and vitamin C. We will get her there.

We had to put up the green tarpaulin in the sunroom yesterday. Plants do well in
there and have sweet peas, oak trees, herbs and gourds growing. Going to grow a
lot of sunflowers in November.

Ducks, chickens and geese are laying and hope to sit a goose on some duck eggs
as this female duck is a little hopeless.   Felt a bit like spring cleaning yesterday
and washed a few windows.

Sincerely hope summer is not too hot and hope for rain on and off, that will be terrific.
Just love nature and all the trees and flowers and how everything renews itself in spring.  |We have several robins around this year and various other parrots, kookaburras, swallows, owls, cockatoos, black and white and galahs.  Lovely !

Namaste  Joy     Alpaca Caregiver. 
Pigface in front of the verandah Pear trees in the Orchard,
hopefully future pears


September 3rd News

Rain today 6 mls and a lovely lot last week. Good set up for spring.
Green grass is springing and the wattles and some blossom trees are out.
There is that feeling of spring in the air !!

Both chickens and ducks have begun laying.

Not very much to report on the home front. Everyone has survived
winter really well and we only lost one very old chicken.

Mbale loves seeing the sun again and lying in it. They both have a marrow
bone about once a fortnight and Monty eats his and then waits patiently until
Mbale is willing to swap. Such a good angel.!!

Namaste to all and enjoy spring and the spring Equinox. Alpaca caregiver JOY

Mbale in his Alpaca Jumper          Monty with his Daffodils  

Spring at La Granja Alpaca Addiction

August 12th News.

Well, my forecast of a cold winter was right. Most nights have had frost as
low as -9 degrees.  No snow yet but very cold winds, NW.

    Tonight I will feed the Alpacas and shut the girls in, as storm is forecast. 
The boys will be fed but can go in the shearing shed if they want. It has been a
long winter too, from May and still on in mid August.

    Our slow combustion fire has been good and the house has been warm. 
The dogs have been cozy and warm and have their coats on outside when on a
walk if at all cold and rainy.

      I have done a lot of knitting and reading, Heroides busy inside and out,as usual.
Our chickens have just started laying again, and we have never been without eggs.
The four geese are well and amazing as two are 22 years old.

      Hoping that spring will bring ducklings, as have 2 females but
3 males at the moment.

  Have just posted on Facebook that we have to share the world with creatures.!!
Too true and we have to get on with it before it is too late.!!!!!!!!!

     Peace and Joy to all. Namaste   Joy Alpaca - Caregiver.

Humberto Monty & Magpie

Rare Bags

July 10th News.

Monty's third Birthday, good little angel that he is.

Alpacas were in the garden yesterday, lovely green grass.
Today the cold snap has hit and I fed them more mix and they will be in
tonight if it is raining.

This is a bad week for me, the week Lucas Oscar drowned in the bath,
the worse week of my life.  Looking at his album as usual. He would have been
15 years old in September, however instead he is one of my spiritual guides in heaven.

It has been a very cold winter so far, lots of frosts and fogs, it is only going to
be 6 degrees on Sunday during the day. Brrrrr.

I have just finished an alpaca wrap, which I can use as a throw or wear
three different ways.

My Birthday was uneventful except I went unexpectedly to Nicola's
Grandparents Day at her School and as it is her last Primary year, thought
it was important to go.  Saw Jo- anne Mues and went to have soup at Mark's
with Joanne and Margaret. Had a lovely book from Guy, mug from Heroides
with Alpaca photos and many cards.

That is all for this month and here are a few photos.     
Namaste   Joy     Alpaca Caregiver

My Birthday Flowers Wrap made from Solange's Fleece

Two Darling by the fire

June 15

Have had a lot of frosts, some as low as minus 9 degrees.  Prefer those though to
the wild windy days.  The wind is so cold and blows across La Granja like the Antarctic.

      All the Alpacas have just had their winter Cod Liver oil. Monty and Mbale love their chairs in a cosy corner in the sun or being in front of the slow combustion burner.  
I love that too and doing reading or knitting. I am knitting an Alpaca wrap
at the moment.

    Have also put in for posterity, quite a few trees this autumn, we need
trees to save the world.

    Everyone is healthy and well looked after at La Granja. 
The girls are at the front today and the boys have gone to the back.
We change them around at least twice a week as they, like us, like a change
of scenery. Also if Leti leads them off to the back the really old
girls get too tired.

          Well not a lot this time.   Namaste Joy    Alpaca Caregiver..

Girls waiting to go up the back Monty with the Geese
2 are 22yrs old

Woofers in their Jackets

9th May News

Cold, cold, cold wind blowing from them, there hills!! Thank goodness the Alpacas have shelter. I am sure this winter is going to be very cold, maybe with even snow.

Everyone is trotting along nicely., the woofers love being in front of the wood fire
or when the sun is out, in the sun, Mbale especially.  I am doing my favourite winter
pasttime, knitting Alpaca yarn.

Geese are well, although the two 22 year olds have arthritis. Ducks are well too,
I thought the baby was a girl but appears to be a boy with a curl in his tail, that
means three boys and two girls, so hope spring brings some more girls.

Been attending Bungendore Farmers Markets today as I buy lovely fresh
vegies there and flowers.

Heroides loves outside and does not seem to feel the cold and therefore is fencing.
Alpacas have cracked Lupin added to their meal for added warmth.

I have also been raking leaves, lovely for the compost and in the poultry runs.
The chickens are only laying the odd egg at the moment.

Keep warm and cosy, until, next time. Please sign my petition if you find it in
your heart to do so !!   Namaste Joy, Alpaca Caregiver

The two boys enjoying the fire Mbale loves the sunshine

Heroides and his tractor

News April 15th.

       Autumn is well and truly here, lovely weather 22 degrees and all leaves
turning and falling.  Had 60 odd mls of rain in April already.  I love this time of
year and spring too. Had two pretty little chicks in time for Easter.

           Heroides has been cutting wood for the fire and now doing a bit of
painting of the house. It is warm enough to have three runs in the spa every day
for me and will continue as long as it is not too cold to get out,alright when there is
no wind, it is on the verandah.

         The Alpacas are well but unfortunately we lost Popa. She was born at
Easter, 15 years ago.   She had developed a huge stomach and moaned a lot. She
had a little spat with Arco Iris over a choice eating area and lay down on her side
for ages. She was not well the next day and we got Jan and she felt as I did that
it was cancer. I think she possibly developed it through losing 2 crias, her first
one and then another and therefore was so distressed she developed cancer in her womb.
She had been such a good mother to 5 other crias and had lots of milk.
She had grieved for her two babies.

       She is buried in the reed paddock and it was unbelievable that 9 yellow
balloons ( spiritual ) arrived stuck on our creek fence the day she died, so they were
put on her grave and are now dug in with her.  Alpacas never cease to amaze me
and I believe them to be the spiritual creature of the earth, rather like the
dolphins of the sea.  R.I.P. Popa, I released her soul.

               Until next time Namaste and please sign above petition to save
Alpacas from a horrendous death.
Thank you   Joy Alpaca Caregiver.

Autumn at La Granja

Goodbye Popa                   Ballons for Popa

March 2015

All given Cod Liver Oil except Misty ( too difficult). Autumn is upon us, poplars
shedding their leaves, but still very pleasant.
Could do with a drop of rain now though.

Everyone fit and healthy, except Gaia, still runny poo, but healthy fat
and eating. Now trying Diatomaceous Earth and yakult and IBSN tablets.
Dogs are well and Mbale loves sunbaking.
One duckling survived and luckily it is a girl.!!

Short news this time, not a lot to report.
Namaste Joy

Please play with me


February 2015    

Well, here we are in February, where did Christmas go ???.   
I feel as one gets older the time dashes away from you.
We have had, in my humble opinion a fantastic summer. First of all quite warm with storms every afternoon, almost tropical and now cool and cloudy and because of over 100 mls in January we are now very green!!. Lovely.!!

All the Alpacas are blooming and very healthy. Gaia still a little runny but am waiting for a spitting match and then will give her a drench with the spit and Cod Liver oil, that will hopefully reset her gut.

Mbale and Montevideo are fine. Mbale gets a little slim but is very healthy. Monty understands every word I say, he is an angel dog. Getting lots of eggs from our chickens. Ended up with one duckling, female ,I think and very full of life, leads the others and only a month old.   Geese are doing well especially as 2 are nearly 20 years old.

Heroides is busier than he was whilst at work and is busy fencing, slashing and general maintenance.  We are all very happy and content at La Granja and long may it continue.

Every single Alpaca has a different personality, the two sisters Mamacuna and Arco Iris do not like each other and often have an argument., they are same mother and same father, like some humans I suppose.!!!

Namaste Joy.

    Mother Fluffy Bantam         Double Decker Mbale & Monty
with her Chicks




January 11th 2015.

Ducklings arrived today, I have seen 2, there could be 5, only one mother sat
this time, so more chance of the ducklings not being squashed. May put the other
three ducks in with the four geese for a few nights to be safe.

We have had lovely rain nearly all night, 28 mls total. 76 mls total this month, gorgeous.
We are changing to more tropical weather here, warm and rain in afternoon.
We are still green and everything is sprouting !!.

The Alpacas were shivering this morning however and I gave them all double
rations for their breakfast. Will shut them in tonight if still wet and feed them.

Christmas and New Year came and went. I went to Guy's in Sydney on the train
on Christmas Eve and back early Christmas day. 22 extended family at the party,
too many presents as usual. !!!

Love it here these days and really never want to go anywhere.
Happy 2015 and Peace for a better Year. Namaste Joy
(Sorry my posts have been late because of a blip with the password.)

Christmas with Loved Ones


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