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December 10th   2014.

   Shearing over for another year. Everything went swimmingly. We had had a
run of storms and rain, mainly in the afternoon, lovely weather but the day
before it poured nearly all day. I put in a request to my angels and on the day
there was not a drop, although forecast and has not been yet, to acclimatize
then to their new jackets.

      Last year Panchita's leg was pulled too hard by the ropes and I spent
about a month curing her limp.  One of Garry and Kerry's boys had to be euthanized
because of a limp that got progressively worse over the year. So I expressed to
the shearer the situation and that I wanted more care taken and more time spent. 

      I am glad to say all went well and no one is limping, thank goodness. 
A seed was discovered in Tobias and squeezed out and antiseptic put on the wound. 
We have the vet coming today to Ninfo who has an unrelated limp and Aurora who
has a lump on her side probably also caused by a seed.

    I am pleased to say that Cien's eye is completely better, no white spot ( Eyebright and Macuvision) and Gaia seems to be over the runs, she was treated with Pomegranate and blackberry leaves.

     Poor Macondo ( Kerry's was grieving for Cappucino, the boy who died and
we have given them Tololo and Manchado ( they were born within four days of
each other and are bonded and are 5 years old.)  So they will have three to
bring back now for shearing, theirs is a very good home and they will be well
looked after.

      We will give Cod Liver Oil next weekend, Panchita and Mayu have to have
ear spray as they are both holding back one ear.   Everyone else is blooming.
We have a population explosion of baby chicks.

       Happy Christmas and New Year to all and Namaste  Joy.


Shearing Day A few of the girls after shearing

One of La Granja's residents Willie Wagtails nest on the house

November 1st 2014

  Cien has had treatment for a gunky eye and white spot in it. She has had
eyebright drops, orbenin cream, batheing, Vitamin C and Macuvision pills, all by mouth. 
She is getting better. Gaia still has loose bowels and has been having yoghurt, yakult,
Vitamin C and slippery elm and honey.

      Everyone else looking forward to shearing in December, going paddling in
creek and keeping to the shade, highest temperature so far 28 degrees.

      Geese sitting on eggs , two on eight but do not know if anything will eventuate,
as Tico is so old, 20 years.   Both girl ducks have settled on 9 eggs together.
Masses of baby chicks.

         I had a heavy fall on the tiles in the house and have a very sore shoulder
and upper arm. Everyone else is well.   It has just been Beltane, all the fairies
and little people about.!!. Have seen a lot of my lovely black cockatoos about all
this spring so far and often heard an owl at night.

          The photinias and robinias are blooming and the grass is growing as
I watch. Everything very green. Very windy today, Alpacas hate the wind and
the girls are in the maternity paddock near the house and the boys will not go
up the hill, so they are in the garden.

             Namaste   Joy   Alpaca Caregiver.


Montevidea with his Baby Doll Heroides with Crested Pigeon

Our Photinia Robinia, the bees love it

World Animal Day   October 4th 2014

    Would not it be great if everyone treated animals with the respect they deserve.
There is so much cruelty in the World, Dogs ill treated and even eaten in parts of the World.  Caught and kept in awful conditions, in cages and ill treated.

       Elephants and other wild creatures hunted. Made to perform in circuses.
Animals experimented on. Humans have a lot to answer.

     Monty and Mbale are well and in heaven at La Granja. Mbale is eating well
but getting a little thin as he gets older.

      We have a goose sitting on 4 eggs, Heroides cracked one and reckons it
was fertilized, so perhaps she will have a chance of babies. We believed Tico
was infertile as no babies eventuated last year, he is over 20 years and so is
his wife Taco.

      Lots of baby chickens, my fluffy bantams are such good mothers and sitters.  
The ducks are laying but not sitting yet.

        The Alpacas are well and have started paddling in the creek, up to their
tummies as it is now spring and getting warmer.

           Last night was a gorgeous red moon and I went and watched the
eclipse on the verandah, great new beginnings I believe.  
Although today I have had a thundering headache.
             Namaste and Blessings.     Joy


Man and his Dog Namaste to all


September 7th 2014.

       Happy Spring to everyone.

Our sunroom is like a nature area at the moment.  
Swallows are nesting in the corner of it, over the area where I usually sit
in my lounger.  Two of them come and sit on the wires across the roof
where the tarpaulin goes in the summer. They have nested on the verandah
for quite awhile now but this is the first time in the actual sun room.

Then as I came out to see them, there is a baby medium lizard on my actual
lounge chair. See photo.   I love this feeling of spring awakening.
Swallows are regarded as souls visiting, so an extra bonus.

  Our willy wagtail will probably also come back to her nest outside the
kitchen window.   I heard my four Black cockatoos this morning as well as once
last week. Also as you will also see in the photos Heroides rescued a magpie
who was upside down on a branch with string around his feet. 
After being cut free he rested on his lap for awhile.!!   How privileged we
are to have all these things happen here at La Granja.

    Mbale and Monty are fine, Mbale seems to love sunbaking most these days. 
The weather is becoming hotter but  it has been a cold winter with -9 degrees 
at night.

    If the lizards are out the snakes will be too. Monty and Mbale know not
to touch them and as long as you are aware, all is fine.  My fluffy bantam
chickens have been having babies all winter and we currently have 10 babies.

      The Alpacas are well and blooming like the wattle and blossom.

            Namaste  Joy.

Double Sunbaking Heroides with magpie and Monty

Lizard in the sunroom Monty


August 8th 2014

       Very cold the first part of August, down to minus 8 in the night.
Alpaca drinkers frozen over, Lovely sunny days though,
but too cold to sit outside.

       Ayni was a bit off colour, had medicine and was better by next morning.  
Tobias and possibly Nieta need their nails clipping, most of the others go the
full year with the rocks out the back, which wear their nails down.

     Louis the Maremma from next door comes over to play with Monty about
once a week. He and Mbale ignore each other.

       We have been hibernating for winter and not doing a lot. Heroides
has done some fencing, higher on the civilized garden to keep Mr Fox out,
away from the ducks and Geese and my fluffy bantams.  I  love the wood fire
we have now and have been taking advantage of the library.

       So much war and disaster in the world. wonder when there will be peace,
would it not be wonderful if one day we could all live together happily,
humans and creatures alike.

          Namaste  Joy.      Please sign my petition. 


Tamas (Grandson)
Winning NSW National Cycling

Mbale enjoying his new chair


News   July 6th 2014

       Today is the Dalai Lama's 79th Birthday,,,,,,,,,, Special day.

     Been a very windy cold day, Alpacas in barn at night when it rains!! 
All girls had CLO yesterday, except Pannie, Gaia, and Misty.  Pannie reacts badly
to CLO and Misty too badly behaved. Awaiting results of Gaia's poo which has
been soft before giving hers as had an enema of runny, healthy poo,
Heroides experiment.??  Boys had theirs today and were so good.

        I went to a terrific Solstice weekend at Braidwood, The Old Mill with Billie Dean
and 11 others. Very enjoyable, spiritual and faerie matters. 
Find I can now communicate with animals much more effectively and about
four of my findings have been spot on.
Trying to call home a cat and a dog in Germany at the moment.

      Have had a quiet Birthday and trying to get my health tiptop for many more
years of animal care at La Granja.  It appalls me that the ABC will put on the
news about eating Alpacas when they are such gentle, quiet, shy creatures.
They do not deserve this and how cruel are humans. Please see new Petition.

       A full super moon on the 12th July so watch out for this.  
Have a great rest of the winter season.
           Namaste     Joy

Education for all

Mbale in the Cirlce of Life Monty in the Circle of Life


June 13th Friday and a full moon, very special.!!!!!

   Winter is again upon us, but it is warmer than usual.  14 degrees to 16 in the day.
Had our first serious frost a few nights ago, minus 2 degrees. 

   Alpacas love it, I swap their paddocks and they love that, they enjoy a change
of scene.   The boys run helter, skelter to the back and the girls sun bake in the
maternity paddock.  They have their mid year jackets so are fine for warmth.
They were all in the shelter the other night in the rain.  Everything is still very
green and long may it continue!!

     Mbale is fit and well, just likes a leg massage occasionally. He pushes against
you for one .    Monty has his friend Louis over to play about once a week and
they run around like mad, sharing a toy, or ball or stick.   Monty gets exhausted
and they have to have time out.  Louis has grown bigger in size and is long and thin
and tall and is a little rough to Monty.   Tends to use his teeth too much, unlike Monty
( who is friends to the world) he has an aggressive streak and you have to be with
them constantly.  We looked after him last month for 6 days whilst his mistress went
away and he was very good, sleeping outside on Mbale's outside bed. He cannot come in
as he is too exuberant and would tend to do a puddle.   Mbale tends to ignore him!!

     Looking forward to the full moon tonight, although it may be cloudy and will do
ceremony and go outside to drum.   
Going to Braidwood for the Solstice with Billie Dean and looking forward to it greatly.

            Namaste Joy.

Aurora with rainbow in the Paddock Rainbow over La Granja
The other end of the rainbow Mbale ready to go

May 2014

Here we are, the last month of autumn. Nice sunny days but cold.
The Alpacas had their autumn Cod Liver oil, next one in winter.

Have heard that AABA are still using our photos at their field days and shows.
It is just not ethically right and really upsets me as it is totally illegal to use our
copyright of our darlings on their posters when they believe in selling them as meat !!!!!!
My heart bleeds.

Unfortunately no babies came, so my wish was not fulfilled. Tololo's exhaustion
must have come from being stressed.!!!! At least they are all well and happy
and I hope to live long enough to see them live a happy life at La Granja.
This is my most heartfelt wish.

Mbale and Monty are gorgeous as usual and at the moment we have
15 baby bantam chicks, they are very prolific. My ducklings turned out to
be all girls, which is good in one way, but then no more babies.

Very short and sweet this time.

Namaste Joy


Mbale with the Bantams



April 10th 2014

         Lots of lovely rain today and lately, 6 mls overnight, which makes over
50 mls this month.  Everything is green. Alpacas have just had their autumn
Cod Liver oil and ADE.     The creek has flowed but not extremely.
This weather bodes well for a fruitful winter season.

      The four ducklings are growing up and are beautiful colours. Unfortunately
our white drake collapsed and died one night for no apparent reason and this is
why I got the new ducklings as he only had his wife left. Now at least she is not lonely. 
They all look like girls at the moment but I am hoping that at least one grows a
curl near its tail.

      Montevideo and Mbale are well, Mbale getting grey in the muzzle but
remains in good health. He has just celebrated his 9th Birthday.  Montevideo
is excellent, so well behaved and when I move the Alpacas from one set of
paddocks to another he just lies down, out of the way and waits.  He hardly ever
barks unless someone is at the gate he does not know.

     Not a lot more news at the moment I am afraid.  Have had fruit on our prickly pears.

    I do so wish people in this day and age would not let one down. 3 instances 
have happened to me lately. We had a couple coming to our Alpaca  training
weekend and they chose two weekends and told us they would let us know.
Despite, several emails, no response. Then the fleece man has not collected
as promised. Lastly Windellama News does not want my news anymore as it is
too political according to them and have not replied to my request to put a note
in about why my article is not there.  
People are getting very lax with no manners !!         
Namaste Joy.


Alpacas with Mbale Monty assisting me in the study
Alpacas investigating the new Maremma Pup
from next door

News March 11th 2014

" The chains of the body are often wings to the spirit"  Nelson Mandala.

All is well at la Granja and lovely rain has fallen and everywhere is green,
nature is wonderful and the plants certainly like the rain.!!

 Have decided to write this month about the horror of eating Alpacas.
A friend has told me that the AAA had meat in the tent at the
Canberra show beside these gorgeous creatures and their crias and
magnificent fleeces. How despicable and appalling. It is a wonder that
some of the more feeling public do not complain, who wants to go and see
these lovely creatures on a pleasant day out and then be asked if you have
tried their flesh and ones gaze is met with slabs of raw Alpaca.
The mind shudders !! Disgraceful!!

I no longer go much to field days or shows, we have left both Associations,
we are no longer breeding because of the danger of them being eaten.
Especially as the photos of our darlings are being used illegally on banners
by AABA.  I just want to appreciate these lovely creatures plus our dogs,
chickens, geese and ducks at home and try and forget the wholesale cruelty
going on in the world.  However I do do my bit to campaign and am very
nearly vegan, I no longer eat any meat and feel much better for it and wonder
how long it will be before humans see the error of their ways, and stop using
other species for their gratification!!  I personally can no longer stand the cruelty
of abattoirs and the Live export Trade.

   Not surprising though when we treat refugees from war torn countries as we do.

      If only people realized how much better a vegetable meatless diet is for one,
much healthier and good for your heart and bones. 
One day we will live in a perfect world, probably after I am gone I fear.

    Live life to the fullest, cruelty free and happily. Namaste Joy.

Sunbaking time Out for a waddle in the sunshine 2 best friends share a nap February 2014 Book Cover
Alpacas with Echidna "That you Mum?"


The photos above were put up for a specific reason.!!

They are being used against our will as advertising for the
Australasian Alpaca Breeders Association or AABA.

We were members of AABA but no longer. We first became breeders of Alpacas
in 1995 and had many lovely years breeding these gorgeous sentient creatures for
their "Fibre of the Gods" fleece.

Like many other people one of the reasons was that they were not bred for meat.
However this changed later and because of greed some began to sell them for meat.
I have fought this tooth and nail in all my articles for various publications,
my book and on both forums and with the petition ( see below).

Many have been very rude to me.
AABA was very amenable at first and the secretary asked me if they could use
Heroides photographs as advertising. She had seen how excellent they were in
all my writing and on our website .
We had no objection but just asked to have our stud name on them.
This was refused as they wanted to put AABA on them.
Nothing was signed, all by email.

I regarded her as a friend then and we have copyright.
They were used on banners and I became one of their representatives,
(at great cost to ourselves), and used them on my stall at field days.
However when I put up a handwritten sign about
"Not Eating Alpaca" they did not like it and wanted to monitor me.
I said NO and it was then just my stall again and we have asked them several times to
not use the banners anymore. I now know they have continued to use them to this day at
Field days and Shows. We are seeking legal advice but certainly as retired people we
cannot afford a court case. I wanted to put them here so at least someone knows that
they are our property.

My heart bleeds every time I see our babies being used virtually to advertise
Alpaca meat, which I know AABA believe in, when I abhor the very thought.

By the way we have not bred since 2010, I cannot sell babies or adults to know they
may be eaten and because of this I no longer eat any meat. We have 25 left whom we
will look after( fed every day) to the best of our ability (absolutely no gain, except pleasure)
until the day they have to go to lifetime homes. Nine have already gone.!!
Very unfair and unethical. Namaste.


January 2014

 No rain, could do with some !! But I suppose with climate change this is
now to be expected. We are still a little green and have plenty of water but that
is not the point.!  Luckily not too hot this week, which is good.

       Happy New Year to everyone and may all your desires come to fruition. 
2014 is a 7 year and therefore highly spiritual and let us hope that we all make
some headway with stopping cruelty to creatures, stopping the Live Export Trade
etc and let all beings live as one.  We have no right to exploit anyone or anything.

     Mbale continues his life just ponderously and sunbakes, enjoys his food and
bones and sleeps well. Thanks to natural remedies and massage and healing, his
leg is soooo much better. Monty is just an angel dog who is very aware and
fetches someone else if anything is wrong.  He wakes Mbale from nightmares
and woke Heroides the other night when I was having one.

    Christmas was pleasant, I went in to Canberra to eldest son's on Christmas Day
for lunch, we cannot both leave here and on the 27th I had everyone here for
dinner, 10, as youngest son had taken his family to Melbourne to other relatives
for Christmas and spent the night on the way back to Sydney.  I  did a mainly
vegie menu with just ham and fish for the non vegetarians.  Trifle and mince pies
were on the menu too.  I try and avoid the shops just before and get presents
all year as I see them and this saves the panic at the last moment.

     The Alpacas are all very well and enjoy their sand rolls and sunbakes. 
Am keeping a strict eye just in case Ayni was not weaned in time or anything
comes of Tololo's escape.!!!!!    Cannot help secretly wishing !!!  
Namaste to all.  Joy


Sunbaking Alpacas  Monty & Friend 

Sunbaking Alpacas Monty and his friend Louis Xmas 2013
The family at Christmas


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