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News 8th December 2013

 Shearing is over for another year, all went smoothly.   
They were all pleased with their new jackets. !  We also had to treat
Macondo (one of the wethers who comes back for shearing ) for an
ulcerated eye, probably a seed in it.

     Everyone is enjoying the weather, sunny days interspersed with the odd
drop of rain and still green here.

     We have had one bad storm and the house was hit by lightning, everything
out and a huge flash and bang in the roof.  Luckily everything all right and 
everything repairable!

        Gaia has had the runs and we have been giving her everything possible
such as slippery elm powder and yakult and now a new medicine from the vet.

         All for now Namaste Joy.

Girls after shearing



Still green here at la Granja but will not be for long if it does not rain. 
Some due at weekend, pray !!

In October sadly Princessa came for breakfast one day with a limp. 
We gave her everything natural I could think of for two weeks but to no avail.
Jan came twice and also gave her medicine but she just gradually got worse and
all her legs were affected and her back. Jan thought that she might have a
chip or a fracture in one leg.  Poor girl, I kept her and all of her friends at the
front so that she did not have far to walk, certainly going right to the back of
our property would not have helped.

Upon the second visit of Jan I sat with her whilst she went to heaven and released
her soul and her body is buried here in their feed run, just outside the study window.
She was a lovely girl with mascara around her eyes and she was so mild.
I will never forget her.

Last week Guevara developed a limp but after vitamin C and Arnica she is now OK. 
I have a theory that Princessa fell in a rabbit hole, we have lots here.

I went to the Windellama Field day with Vivien last Saturday and had an enjoyable day.
Did not sell much, only eggs but spoke to many people about how we
CANNOT eat Alpaca. Most were amazed Australians eat them and wanted
to sign my petition.

For the record it is it is a Care 2 petition." Stop killing and eating Alpaca for meat.
" My website is and phone number 48494439.

Happy creature care and compassion. Joy Elizabeth Allenby- Acuna.



           Monty with our rescued                The Girls                       
Baby Magpie, Pico.

Monty with Princessa

October 5th 2013

Well we certainly had a wild month with strong, strong winds.  
I do not like it having been in Cyclone Tracy.  The Alpacas hate it and the
girls do not like going up the hill. So they are brought into the Maternity paddock
during the day. The creek flowed through once up to the top of the banks.

Mbale's leg is much better with various natural treatments and he is now
having Living oil Rainbow treatment.

Ayni was desexed by Jan with full pain and anesthetic and antibiotic
treatment and was only down for a day and then was fine. 
We always have dissolvable stitches which are easier.

Unfortunately the strong winds blew most of the blossom in the
orchard away but I have been planting some tagasaste grown from seed.

Only this week we had a kelpie come through our property from the back,
the girls chased him and we rang neighbours until we found his person.
He was an old boy and needs to be retired and treated with respect. 
It has been World Animal Week this week and all creatures should be
treated as sentient beings which they are.!!

Both swallows and Willie Wagtails are building around our house walls.

Please respect and love All creatures.   
Joy AA   Alpaca Caregiver


Anna Sunbaking Girls in the Garden



September 2013

Spring is here
Blossom is blooming
Get in gear
Swallows are zooming.

Writing this on the verandah, watching one of my bantam hens with her nine chicks,
calling them all over for another tasty insect !! We have had a lot of chicks from
the bantams, but not yet from our bigger chickens. 
Everyone is laying eggs again.

The geese are mating but they will sadly not have babies as Tico is twenty
years old and has lost his fertility. We only have two ducks left, a male and a
female ,so we want to get two more Pekin girls.

As I write the swallows are zooming around my head, looking to build another
nest on the rammed earth walls, we already have at least four nests,
they return every year.

Mbale and Monty are sunbathing and the Alpacas are loving it too, rolling or
lying flat in the paddock.  They also go for wades in the creek, some of them
up to their tummies.

Heroides farm- sat whilst I went to a wonderful weekend in the Old Mill in Braidwood
with Billie Dean's Rainbow Fianna. It was a" Set yourself Free" weekend and visiting the Fae.  
Lovely, we danced, played instruments, meditated, did fire ceremony and then on the
last night were visited by several ghosts, who wanted to go with us to
the Fifth Dimension .!!!!!!!

We all had a great weekend and it was great to get away from all the election rubbish!!.  
It is sooooo wonderful sharing a retreat with fellow, vegan, like minded thinkers.

All for now from La Granja Holistic Alpacas where
creatures are honoured.   Namaste  Joy

Blossoms at La Granja Monty on his trampoline
Mbale on his sunbed



August 11th 2013

 Still in winter, but not long to go until Spring, I always regard this as the
1st of September but the equinox is on September 22nd.

   The Alpacas are very well and they have only had to be in the shelter because
of the rain about three times. We have had rain on and off but not too much.
The creek is still flowing and has rushed through up to the banks.

    Ninfo had a gunky eye but i washed it with eyebright and thanks to a good
diet and life that is the only problem we have had.  Except for Mbale who hurt
his leg playing with Monty, but with TLC and homeopathic cures and a healing
from Billie Dean he is getting better.

    Apart from the few aches and pains of advancing years, Heroides and I have
been well, no colds or flu, we are very lucky!! . But we look after ourselves and
eat well. My vegetarian diet is keeping me very healthful and I have also lost a
little off my middle.  I only fall down on cheese and the occasional egg now and
will become a full vegan soon.  As one person, I cannot save the Alpacas from hurt
and cruelty entirely ( and all other creatures) so this is my bit towards it.
Cannot stand the look or smell of meat now.

     There was an awful programme on Landline the Sunday before last, I missed it
but was sent it by a friend.  Disgusting and upsetting, how can humans do this to
innocent creatures, I am afraid I do not understand. The look in the eyes of the two
being led to the abattoir was appalling.  How dare we breed them for this, to put
in our mouths all for greed !!!!   I think future generations will look back on this
time with horror and rightly so.

      If you have a heart and care at all please sign my petition on Care2 Please do not kill and eat Alpacas.    
The Alpacas thank you.     

              Joy Allenby-Acuna  Alpaca Caregiver. 


Mbale & Monty take a nap



July 4th News.

  Well June has been a wet month with over 100 mls here.   All the alpacas were
in their various shelters for three nights when the rain was heavy and believe me
they enjoyed that.  The rain has been good and the creek has flowed through to
make Lake George a little fuller.

      The dogs are well and Monty ( Labrador) will be one year old on the 10th of
this month. He is a good puppy and has never been a problem but I think it is
because he is not left on his own and is well entertained.  He will be starting
lead lessons soon, as he already knows basic commands.

     The Alpacas had split lupin added to their mix at the beginning of June as
they needed warmer tummies.  They have all been very healthy.

    I am sure you have all heard by now that I am fighting against people eating
alpaca meat, probably the only soul to be doing just that !!!   I have been doing
this since the early 2000's. I cannot think for the life of me why we need more
meat to eat when no one here is starving!!! Especially Alpaca when they are so
gentle and sentient and have such a gorgeous soft fleece (to die for ) and make
such good guards for all other livestock.  It has me baffled.!!!    I think sadly
it is just human greed for money and to say one has eaten "gourmet" meat. 
Where are we heading !!! I think we have enough animal cruelty already, without
more being carried out.

     If anyone is interested I have two on line petitions about this going ahead,
with many signatures, even many from overseas where people are appalled. 
I cannot bear the thought of these gorgeous creatures going to the abattoir,
it is barbaric.  

            Namaste  Joy AA     Alpaca Caregiver.

Alpacas in the Garden

Mbale in charge


June 4th 2013

Last weekend we had 28 mls of rain and it was terrific, there is a mist
of green now. We had very little over the autumn.

      Girl and boy alpacas have just had their winter ADE and CLO in the last few days.  
Given in a syringe by mouth. Misty always has hers first, as then she is taken by
surprise as she is soooo twitchy.!!

     Heroides has planted the winter vegie patch with winter greens, garlic and
broad beans.  
Orchard trees and others have been mulched with Alpaca poo and poplar leaves.

   All my plants in the sun room are growing apace and I have cyclamen flowers and have
had hyacinths and three huge plump buds are coming on my orchid.  Seaweed meal or
seaweed emulsion is the best thing I find to feed indoor plants
( not in this season of course.)

      I have got Mbale right where he popped his hip joint out with Arnica, Glucosomate
and massage.  Now Monty has sprained his toes on one foot but that is getting better.
I think he has played too much football. He loves a game every afternoon with me and
several footballs and is better than George Best was, but I think this is how he did 
the injury.

      It is very strange in this household, we all get leg problems and always have since
living at la Granja.

         Please do not forget the petitions. care 2 stands at 815 and I want to
reach thousands.!!!!!

         Happy winter fires and stews.!!        
Namaste. Joy.  Alpaca compassionate carer

Nicola & Monty Tamas & Monty Heroides, Nicola, Monty, Mbale,
Mimosa & Nieta



May  4th 2013

All the poplar leaves are falling, good for composting and fertilizer.
Autumn has been lovely, such calm, sunny days.

Everyone at La Granja is fine, the Alpacas love all the fallen leaves to eat
and they are very good for them. Poplar leaves contain copper, also the willow
leaves are good too.

As I mentioned before AAA have closed their forum and I have given up on AABA.
After so much natural advice over 17 years, let someone who has read my book
do it for a change, this has already happened. Do not mind at all if the ideas
are spread and it helps to save some Alpaca and they remain healthy. Anyone
is of course always able to contact me for advice

As the Alpaca Association would not listen I am busy collecting signatures
against eating Alpacas on AVAAZ, hopefully this will spread, have had signers
from USA, NZ, France, Germany and Norway. Then it will go to the Prime Minister.
It is on this website if anyonne is interested in signing.. The Alpacas will thank
you forever.

Alpacas are such gorgeous mild ceatures, why do humans have to eat them ??
Do we not abuse cows and sheep and other creatures enough?? May is "do not
eat meat month", I wonder how many will follow that ?

I no longer eat meat and am working towards being vegan. Generations will look
back in a few centuries and realize with horror how we treated all creatures
great and small.

Namaste Joy AA. Compassionate Alpaca Person

              Mimosa and Alpacas in          Heroides with Mbale & Mimosa        
the Autumn Garden

Our Grandaughter, Nicola with
Monty, Mbale & Nieta
(Nieta was born on Nicola's Birthday)



I just created a new petition and I hope you can sign -- it's called: DO not eat Alpaca

This issue is very important to me, and together we can do something about it!

Read more about it and sign it here:

Campaigns like this always start small, but they grow when people like us get involved
please take a second right now to help out by signing and passing it on.

Thanks so much, Joy


Compassionate Treatment of Alpacas.    
 April   5th 2013

   Incorporating safety of your property, Bio security and First Aid.
Firstly I am a great advocate of treating this magnificent creature with
respect and compassion. This is in every aspect, husbandry, mating and
feeding, etc, etc.
From the time they are born, with hopefully you there assisting, it should be
seen that they have enough to eat, be it milk, mix or pasture, water, shade
and of course shelter.

All possible natural medicines and treatments should be stored at home, in the
refrigerator if necessary.  Creatures should be checked at least once daily, in
this we are lucky as they come in for food once a day, a good habit to establish,
especially if you have pregnant females.  I have often caught early like this,
something in their eye or ear or a limp. etc.   Girls enjoy a break from giving
birth and please stop her breeding by at least 14years old or even before. 
If a female is too long in labour or someone is off colour and you cannot cope do
not hesitate to send for the vet, sooner rather than later.

In cold times see that they have extra food and shelter and in hot weather,
water, shade, shelter and somewhere to paddle if possible. Have extraordinary
good fences, dog proof and if you have your own dogs teach them from puppies
that the  alpacas are part of the property and they are to be looked after.
Train them to a halter from a few days old. Always useful later and to come when
called, ours come to a bang on the bucket and recently I have a drum.  
The friendlier they are the better, we even kiss ours and they love a neck rub and
to eat out of your hand.  Small runs for husbandry ( cutting toenails etc ) and a
shearing shed are useful, also other shelters.
Plenty of paddocks and gates and runs for ease of handling and moving around
and two fences and a space between girls and boys. Beehives  if you have them ,
well away from the Alpaca paddocks.
We have an abundance of snakes here, being on a creek, and have never
had an Alpaca bitten, I have witnessed them jump back from a snake. 
We teach the dogs from puppies to stay away.
As to Bio Security, if you can avoid as much movement as possible. Shows.
Mating ,etc, this is an excellent idea. Have your own studs. 
If kept healthy and well fed most Alpacas will remain healthy.
Safety in a fire, very topical. We are very lucky here as we have
Lake George on one side and are mostly grass, not bushy, but of course it
is still possible, lightning strikes etc.    One I believe would have to play it
by ear, fire or flood, where and which direction etc. Possibly open gates
would be a good idea ( not to the road) or keep them in a cleared area is
another case scenario and see what is best at the time.
All I know is I would not up and leave them and in these last few fire prone weeks
ours have been in the garden or cleared areas.  Heroides always slashes the
front paddocks every spring. I even thought I would try to bring them in the house,
rammed Earth, but some would not like that and the tiles are too slippery.!!  
Have to have enough rugs. We have four large tanks full of water and also a
bore tank.  Anyway always be prepared, we have a generator.

Have everything you need handy for accidents and cuts, snake bite, Vitamin C
and Bandages, Betadine and umbilicus clips and a full First aid kit, one for humans
and one for creatures.   Feeding bottles, teats and milk mixture, are a good idea. 
The best plan is to always be very careful.  For shearing I always take first aid
kits to the shearing shed.  Another thing to be compassionate please do not put
a sock over their nose and mouth, would you like hat yourself, we use towels,
and chamomile the night before in their mix so they stay calm.  Get them in the
night before so they are not harassed and no rough handling and certainly do not
hold them by their tails, this I dislike intensely.

Be kind and treat them with respect at all times, they are just like us,  and do
have feelings,  they are only another species.

  Namaste and Deep Peace.      Joy E Allenby- Acuna     
Compassionate Alpaca  Caregiver.

Alpaca in the House Echidna at La Granja Rainbow over La Granja


March 18th 2013

Well Tololo was castrated by Jan today, poor boy and there go my last
hopes of having any Appaloosa Alpacas.  But we cannot in all conscience  
continue breeding to have the danger of them being murdered for meat.

Last weekend on the 9th I was out and Tololo escaped through the creek
fence to the girls. He was possibly in there any time from 12.00 to 2.30 pm.
Soon after Vivien and I came back, Heroides shouted that Tololo was
at the back. The girls were no longer taking any notice of him
and he was in a dreadful state, exhausted and shaking in the back legs. 

I gave him food and Rescue Remedy and he eventually calmed down.  
He had been spat, so who knows if he did the deed or was just chased
and had no success. We will have to wait until next February
to find out, and I shall keep a close eye to see if anyones character changes.
I would be delighted with another cria but I think Heroides, not so much.
Jan was going to castrate Monty too but did not have time to stop, too busy,
so Heroides is going to take him to her surgery tomorrow.  Mbale has hurt
his hip and has been on Cod Liver oil, Arnica and Glucosamine pills and is being
rubbed with extra strength Arnica. Jan examined him and said his hip had popped
out and back again and needed building up, not an operation and it is not his
crucheate. So she suggested anti inflammatory and krill tablets and
massage , he already gets that.

Both Alpaca Associations are a disaster, AAA are getting a new website
and not having a member or public forum. No one will be able to get any
information now and sort out their health and husbandry worries. Today and
at the weekend they closed the forum and emails, very helpful!! 
AABA are ridiculous and I am number one public enemy, and because they
wanted to monitor my stall at a show, ever since I put up a notice about
“ Do we really need to eat Alpaca” and I would not let them.  
So I have stopped them using our photos on their banners
( I do not want my darlings advertising Alpaca meat.)
So they have now gone completely funny with me and have taken my article
out of their Newsletter plus photos. Their loss not mine.!!  Also I have been
threatened with being banned from the AABA Forum and they are all so
nasty to me now.  AABA I now find out are no better than AAA. I am not
allowed to send the Secretary Janet any emails.
This is really all for fighting the Alpaca Meat Market, but I do not care,
it is abominable and I shall go on fighting as and when I can. There are not
many places now as “World of Alpacas” would not print an article which
mentioned not eating Alpaca meat and I have written for them for
about ten years. We shall not breed but keep our 26 darlings as long
as possible, or they will go to lifetime homes, and use their valuable asset
their fleece, in lovely garments. Have felt very low but not letting it
get me down, I try to remain positive. 
This is all caused by human greed for money.

 Namaste and Deep peace. Joy   Caring and compassionate Alpaca Guardian.

Gaia & Ayni Think about your Mum

10th February 2013


        First fires, then floods and now sport and other scandals,
the year is starting well.!!

    Life continues at La Granja, some rain again would now be pleasant,
we had a couple of dumpings at the end of January and now we have had
more hot weather but not quite as bad.

       Jobs have to be done, a stand for the bore replaced and the fire chimney
moved and now the verandah stained.   Watering and especially pot plants and
smaller trees and feeding Alpacas and picking up alpaca poo, all have to be done.
Then there is the training of Monty, the Labrador puppy. He is very good and
is a quick learner. Loves his toys and a game of ball.

 I find that I love La Granja so much I want to go out less and less and neither
does Heroides.   Of course there is always the grocery shopping to be done and
the odd other errand to run.   But fashion, restaurants and crowds, you can keep
these days as far as I am concerned and I am quite happy with the creatures.
Thank goodness we did all our travelling years ago and now do not have to face
the hassle and worry of airports etc.

      I just love nature and all the creatures and there is always something
new happening every day.  Have not fed the girls yet today as they have gone
on a jaunt right to the back of the property, they do that about once a month
and are always led by Leti.

       Their different characters never cease to amaze me, Ayni,10 month old boy
was having a wrestle with Auntie Popa the other day and the four or so older girls
always do not want to adventure far and look as if to say," Why not stay here
rather than going on a picnic."    I know the feeling.!!! Solange is always perky and
ready for a game and loves a neck scratch.

        Well until next time then, look after all the four and two legged creatures,
shelter and enough water in this hot weather.

                Namaste and Deep Peace.      Joy

Solange Humberto

Heroides & Monty



January 22nd 2013.

Happy New Year to everyone and may all your dreams come true.
So far a very hot January, 41.7 here the hottest on our verandah and everything
is getting so dry. Lots of watering to do.  We have had one very bad fire day
with those horrible strong west winds.

I feel so sorry for people in NSW and Tasmania who have lost homes.
One has to be prepared and keep the grass around the house as short as possible.
Heroides always slashes our front paddocks every spring which helps. It also
helps having Lake George to the west of us.We are still a little green and on
bad days keep the Alpacas in the garden or close paddocks. I have often said
I would not hesitate to bring them in the house, if they would come, it is
rammed Earth but the tiles are slippery, we need plenty of rugs and as we
still have one entire boy we could not mix the sexes, fun and games.!!  I think
one would have to see the circumstances, fire direction, how strong etc and
act appropriately.

I ask my guides and angels for help and pray it never happens. I much
preferred last year with all the rain, much better, although a friend complained
it was too much rain. !! This year there is so much watering to do and the poor
young trees I put in do not like the hot conditions at all.  At least the Alpacas
have plenty of water troughs and shade and shelter and so do the poultry.
Monty and Mbale are inside most of the day, as the house stays cool as if we
had the air conditioning on, which we have not needed yet.  Mbale is still
depressed over Corto’s passing. Monty is such a good puppy and only chews his
own toys, soft ones inside and marrow bones, balls and fir cones outside.
He has his own trampoline on which he plays with his toys. He sleeps inside
with Mbale on a mattress and only comes up on to the bed beside me in the early
AM. He already knows basic commands and told us a fox was about one night and
does not chase chickens or lizards.   He has seen a dead snake and was told
off and taught to back off and leave it alone.

At the moment all the Alpacas are in the paddock sunbaking and you would think
if you did not know better that you had a few dead bodies!. My cute bantams
of all colours have had lots of babies this season. One mother had ten and
another seven, but she sadly lost four (to a rat we think ).
There are a lot of snakes about this year usually we only have tigers, but
Heroides has seen at least 4 browns this year.   He has done a snake
handling course, so he gets them in a bag with a hook and transports
them to the back of the property if they are in the garden.
We have a lot of wombats too because of the creek and sand but they
annoy Heroides as they do not just make one hole in his fences but lots a little
way apart and do not use the same hole. That is life.!!!

     Did my Engaging with the Sacred course with Billie Dean in Braidwood and
enjoyed it very much and met some amazing people, we are now Earth Keepers
         Namaste and Deep Peace.        Joy    .   
Book Available.


Gaia & Ayni Chicken in the Garden with
Alpaca Statue
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