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New Years Eve 31st December 2012.

      Well, the last month of 2012 has been really busy.!!

     After shearing on the 2nd, I went on the 5th to Braidwood to stay in a
lovely B and B The Snow Lion and do the Munay- Ki course with Billie Dean at
the Old Mill, there were total 12 of us.  I had already done Animal Communication
1 & 2 with her.   Munay- ki means "I love you "or" Be as thou art "and we
learnt the nine Earthkeeper rites and also some Tibetan Yoga rites to do every day.
We learnt that anything is possible and that the things to live by are :---- 
Non- violence,Truthfulness, Integrity, Moderation and Generosity.    
Good standards to live by in this coming world.
We spent a lovely 6 days and the senior students cooked us vegan
meals every day. Delicious !!

      Mbale and Monty had missed me, in fact Mbale had gone into
depression mode, like he did when Corto passed over. I had given them a talk too.
Heroides had coped very well on his own with all the feeding etc.

      Then on the 24th Heroides and the woofers took me to catch the train
at Tarago to Sydney to go to Guy's for Christmas Eve.  The in- laws are
Latvian and celebrate with carols and poems, there were 19 extended family.
I returned on Christmas Day at 12.05 to be met by Heroides and the woofers at
the station. then we had a celebration here that night.

       On the 28th Mark and family came to visit.All Alpacas have been well
and happy with their new jackets and Monty is very good and growing fast,
he seems to lengthen every day and love his food. We have lots of baby chicks.

       Happy new year and all the best for 2013.       Namaste   Joy


Nicola reading her Poem         Monty on his trampoline

Alpacas and the Muscovy Ducks



December 3rd 2012.

Well , that is shearing over for another year, kilos of
gorgeous stuff.~~~They were shorn on Sunday 2nd.
They were all shut in the night before with their mix in which
I had put lots of Chamomile. It promised rain but my angels
were looking out for la Granja and it did not, neither that night or
the next day. The sun was out, about 27 degrees and clouds too and a
breeze, so perfect shearing weather.

They were all so good and only three screamed and we only used three towels
instead of 12 , a consequence of the Chamomile I know and if I gave then
Rescue Remedy  it would be even better. Heroides never has the time.
Apart from an easier way where one says "abracadaba" and their
fleece is off, it was a good day.

We have given them all ADE and CLO by mouth today and given the
girls a special "after shearing of coming in the garden," they love that.
It will be the boys turn tomorrow.  Mimosa had a slightly limp leg
where the ropes were too tight but she is better today.

Well, Heroides will be in charge for a few days whist I go to a
Munay- ki course, will tell all when I return.     
Namaste Joy






Monty is very good and gaining weight and growing big.  Mbale is getting used to him.
Misty had a slight limp one morning but is now OK, even by  the next day,
she was alright, I think she probably stepped in a rabbit hole , we have a
lot of those unfortunately.
My ankle is getting better but I am unable to drive yet as it is only a month
and it is still bound.   Heroides insists he  must drive to take me to Windellama Field Day
on Saturday. Which is a pain  as  we have to take the dogs and it is then four trips.
Diana cannot come this year as she says she has to work.
Heroides has seen quite a few snakes this spring, but I have not seen one yet. 
I think I am not supposed to see them.  I worry for Monty but have put a white
protection around him. Mbale knows not to go near them, but Monty has not learnt
yet. He does not chase the poultry and has been told off about lizards. 
A blue tongue was eating bantam eggs today.
I have not been banned from the AAA forum but have been edited and have to
watch my P’s and Q’s.  Really have decided just cannot stop humans eating
Alpacas, which is very sad but will go on trying.  When will man realize creatures
are another species and our equals.  In fact sometimes I think they are higher
than humans and I know they are better.
 Enjoying my Animal Communication course and am hopefully doing
Engaging with the Sacred in December.

Book available.      Namaste Joy


Joy & Monty Joy with Monty & Solange Alpacas in the snow



Well, since last writing we have, through no fault of our own
had to change puppies. It broke our hearts.!!

We had taken Monty on two months approval to see if he got
on with Mbale. On the exact fortnight day I rang to say all was fine and
could they please send the papers. I had given them lots of updates.  
All was agreed and the next day Heroides took him to the vet to be desexed.
We knew that besides his pin he had a missing nail, which we were told
happened at the same time as his broken leg. The vet dicovered a massive
infection in his paw which we had noticed was swollen but thought it
was just through the missing nail . She said it was very bad and may even
spread to the bone. Naturally we were horrified. She said it looked as if
caused by a bite and there was an old bite wound on his ear and his ears
were filthy with mite dirt.

Heroides came home with Antibacterial pills and ear drops and she cleaned
the pus out.  She asked us to ring and find out the vets name who had
treated him and the antibiotic they had mentioned they used.
I foolishly did this, a thing I now regret, but was not allowed to ask my
questions but shouted at and told to bring the dog back " It is legally
my dog" and the phone was put down. I rang again and then he rang
again and it was demanded that we take the dog back the next day.

We of course did not want to and made it plain we did not mind and
would treat him but Heroides thought it best. I cried as I regarded
him as ours, we got advice from the vet and the RSPCA but because
we did not have any papers we did not have a leg to stand on.
Heroides took him back the next day with his medication and his foot
bandaged, which Jan had advised, the comment was did not need his
medication but took it and did he need his foot bandaged??

After many emails and tears we have been told at last that his foot has
healed and has gone to his sisters.  He had told us we would get him back.
Very traumatic and after my winter with the three deaths probably more
than I could bear.  We will never trust big breeders again.

We looked and looked for another RR puppy but none available, so
found a gorgeous white Labrador in Sydney. They were a lovely couple, a
real family home and they had both Mum and Dad and he was even
delivered to Sydney on the 17th September, 10 weeks old and he is
gorgeous. Monty 2.  We were going to call him Osito as he reminded
me of a polar bear (small) but wanted Monty, we will never forget the
other Monty and I always ask my angels to look after him. This puppy
has bonded well and is so good.  He is a bit of a restless sleeper and
one day came with a CD in his mouth, called  Sleep Easy, so apt !!
He likes his toys but his favourite is an ice cream container.

Mbale is getting used to him as it is hard for a 7 year old
to take on a baby!!!!

Panchita has been off colour but is better now, has had anti bacterial and
Yakult and Rescue Remedy.

I have just on Sunday twisted my ankle but am getting better,
glad it was not broken as have broken two before.      
Until next time,    Joy

           Monty & My Boots
    Monty & mate Mbale           Monty & his favourite place,
by my boots
Little Blessing Monty & Dads Slippers
Little Blessing Monty & Dad's Slippers

September 2012

Again, spring is sprung !!  It has certainly been a cold winter, many frosts and
sometimes as low as minus 8. Only this last Friday we had snow that laid
(photo below.)

We have had the three sad passings of Pesito, Corto and Guacho,
as reported before, all gone to Nirvana.

As of the 23rd of August we have a new member of the family and he is getting
into the family routine very well.  He is a six month old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy
and we have called him Montevideo or Monty for short. Mbale is called after a town
where I lived in Uganda so I thought it only fair that Heroides should have a dog
with a Uruguayan town’s name.

We were going to get a six to eight week old puppy but after looking around,
Monty seemed to fit our family well and I think it was meant to be.  He has a pin
in the top of his leg and a nail missing, where, as the story goes, his mother leapt
into the whelping box.  We all have leg problems here so it is ideal.  We have
had five crucheate leg operations with the dogs, two with shoulder and leg cancer and
we both have arthritic legs, so I think it was ordained.

He is settling well and is learning not to chase the poultry and to be less greedy, a
result I think of having to share with all the other dogs at his old home. He has o
nly had three little wee accidents in the house, which is not bad as he was in a run
before.  He now sleeps through the night in front of the fire.  First ten nights
spent there with Heroides on a mattress beside him.  Has not cried once so must
know this is home !!

We have had 8 baby bantams and I have one mother duck sitting, due soon.
We have a few Alpacas for sale, very lovely colours and pleasant characters and
also please   remember my book is also for sale through me.  
Until next month.    Joy    Alpaca Caregiver.


Snow at La Granja Mbale & Monty
Mbale, Corto & Toya
	   Guacho     R.I.P.   26/7/2012

This winter has been dreadful, we just lost the last of our three musketeers.

Guacho, for a while now had an infection in the bone under his eye, diagnosed
by two different vets, that was probably caused by a seed.  Gunk would come
out of the corner of his eye and nostril on that side. Nothing more they could do.
He had two courses of antibiotics and lots of natural treatment from a holistic vet,
herbs and homeopathic medicines and Vitamin C.
In the last fortnight he had developed a very bad hip and back legs and then
a weak front leg too.  When he lay down and cushed, he rolled onto his side and
had great difficulty getting up. Had medication and Arnica.
It could have been arthritis or the bone infection had spread. 

He slept at night in the shearing shed with a companion. He was still eating
and quite perky in himself, doubly sad that, as all he needed was a new
set of legs, which I would have given anything to give him.!!
Strange, many of our problems here are legs, even mine. We dreaded for
the third time this winter to take the only decision possible.
How one suffers having to do that.  Pesito, Corto and now Guacho.

He was La Granja, as we had rescued him as a baby and he had swollen
knees and could not cush and was not supposed to last the first two nights.
But he did and went on for 12 years, his birthday is next week.   He lived with
us in the shed for four months and thought he was a dog or a human. He still
clucked at me as his mother. He was our good luck charm and on the cover
of my book.  So much for spoiling male Alpacas and sending them berserk.!!

This morning Jan came at 12 noon and I had spent most of the morning with
him and Mbale.  Poor Heroides dug his grave near the shearing shed, it is
lucky we are on sand.    I had taken him a full mandarin as a treat.
He loved them. He was feeling better as he was full of Metacam, a painkiller.
Heroides held him whilst Jan injected him with a tranquilizer and then 
the main injection and he very quickly passed to heaven, to join Pesito and
Corto and the others. On my side a tear dropped from his eye,
yes, Alpacas do cry, we have seen this often.

Incredibly, as with Pesito all the other boys lined the fence to see what
was happening, until his spirit passed and unusually the girls did not leave
their breakfast run either, this was very late for them.

SO, so, So sad, what shall I do without my Guacho and your lovely self
running across the paddock to greet me with your clucking as if I was your mother.
I must add here how can humans live with themselves when they send
these gorgeous creatures to the slaughter house and put them through such
trauma, when he felt so sad being put down in a loving way.
He died on a 11/2 day, Pesito on a 3 and Corto on a 22/4, all very
spiritual numbers, according to numerology.

We shall have all the marvellous memories of him, playing and lying with our
Rotti’s, pronking in the paddock, playing with Dama, who was also born about
the same time and they were bottle fed together.  Coming in the house to
attack the fruit bowl and acting as Ninfo’s Dad when he lost his Mummy,
even to the extent that Ninfo used to go under him to find milk!! 
He spent yesterday in the garden with Ninfo.
 Sorry to have such sad news this time but hope to have
happier news next time.      Joy

				Guacho in the house		Guacho - RIP 



July 2012

It has been a very sad winter here at La Granja.
Pesito died at the end of
April and now on the 20th June Corto passed to heaven.
He was 11 and a half and it was too soon for him to go, he was my help mate and companion.
Heroides and I miss him tremendously and so does Mbale his companion dog.
I keep looking for my black shadow.
He knew deep secrets and was an old soul.
Since his passing, I have been visited a lot by Rosellas, knocking on the window,
so feel this is his spirit.  He is buried with his friends in the front garden,
looked over by a Buddha.

Not much rain but lots of frosts.

Ayni is growing fast and is now eleven weeks old, soon he and Gaia and
Arco Iris will go to the back with the other girls. But in the mean time we have
swapped Mimosa, Princessa and Guevara for the three young girls, Mayu, Mamacuna
and Elfgiva to take them off their mothers finally at two and a quarter and one and
three quarter years, respectively.

 Aurora has come in too, as she is very reserved and shy and this will give her a
chance to eat on her own.  She is a very different Alpaca, seems always in a dream
and in her own world.

    Spring surely cannot be far away with better times for all.     Namaste Joy.

Corto                          Corto & Mbale

The sky the night Corto Ayni & Mbale
crossed over


June 2012

The Alpacas have just had their winter ADE and CLO. All are well and Ayni is six weeks old.
He is very cheeky, looking at a distance across the paddock and likes Auntie Arco Iris.

Florino is settling but still gazes at the girls when food is not on offer.  
These are lovely days but about -5 degrees at night and heavy frost, I have to break
the ice in the troughs. My robin is back who visits every year to look after his mate
in a mirror on the verandah.!
I have not seen my black cockatoos for ages and the swallows seem to have gone
to warmer climes.   I heard kookaburras this morning.
All our tomatoes ripened on the north verandah so tomato sauce and jam has been made.

Corto has arthritus badly in his front leg and is on medication, natural and otherwise
and follows me closely.  If I go out for a day, when I return it is as if I have been
out forever.  I was invited to my sisters 80th in the UK but decided not to go as he
would miss me too much and also the journey is horrendous.

With the full moon, solar flares and the Venus eclipse happening there is a lot going on.
I hope it all heads to people's spirituality being awakened as there are some dreadful
events in the world.

Also I am trying to fight to stop people eating alpaca and to try and make people see how
evil this is, they are intelligent sentient beings and they will soon give up on us as the
dolphins have done.   The thought of their horror going to the slaughter house and the
dreadfulness there appalls me.  No more of ours are for sale without very good credentials
and even then probably not. Also there is a problem now with people giving them away
for nothing, mainly undernourished and not telling the new owners how to feed them and
about their husbandry. This is going to be an ongoing disaster.

Do we eat dogs, cats or people, NO, it is the same thing.    
Cows, sheep, pigs and other creatures are bad enough but I am afraid
I cannot fight for them all, although I would like to.
A warm toasty winter to you all
Namaste Joy Alpaca Caregiver

Haltering Ayni Tololo dancing Tango
Heroides with Ayni Nicola with Mimosa May 2012

For the month of April we have had two vital events here. As it is in life, a birth and a death.

1 A lovely and uplifting birth, a grey suri boy Ayni on April 27th, from Gaia the Alpaca we
brought back from South Australia. I looked out of the bedroom window at 8.15 am and
there was Gaia with a head and two legs already out. The herd's usual practice is to go
to the creek first thing so luckily they had all brought her back early for breakfast
and to let Mum and Dad cope !!!!
It was an easy birth and he was up within half an hour feeding. He is now 10 days old
and doing well, already he has been on the halter. We have only had one drizzly day since
then and he is fine, but in the shelter at night with Mum and four of his Aunties.

He was an unexpected last baby for us as Mamacuna and Mayu were supposed to be the
last born here at La Granja in October 2010.
He has already had lots of cuddles and will be brought into the house for a visit soon.
His name, Ayni means giving and taking ( in Quechuan), in balance with nature and all
things and right relations, so ideal for the son of Gaia ( Mother Earth.)

2 A very sad death of Pesito an 11 year old wether, suri cross Alpaca.
He developed pneumonia, we think through swallowing his own spit (aAspirant pneumonia )
when having a spat with Floriono, who is settling well. also back from South Australia.

However Pesito was ill for two weeks and he had every conventional and natural medicine
for his condition. Three injections a day and others by mouth, colloidal silver, Vitamin C
and Devils Claw. He walked and cushed but was not eating well and gave a sort of huffing
and in the garden mostly. and in the shelter with companions at night. We had two vet
visits and seemingly he had only 10% lung caopacity left.

He was so excellent and did not complain or spit at us once, the darling.

On the 30th he was significantly worse and we got the vet, she fitted us in to her very
busy shedule and she was here by lunch time. When she gave him the tranquilizer he cushed
and kicked and she said he was dying anyway. All that morning he would not go down as if
he knew he was going. She gave him the injection in the vein and his blood was very dark,
lack of oxygen. I lay with him on the grass and wished him a safe journey and told him how
sorry I was. All 8 boys lined up behind the fence, just by us to watch his passing and Florino
was just behind me. I have shed many tears over Alpacas over the years.

I now believe he waited to see Ayni born, as he even walked down the drive one day
whilst ill to look at Ayni over the fence.

Rest in peace Pesito ( such a good boy ) One of our former studs so his genes will live on.

		    Pesito & Hermoso with Rainbow                Alpacas Sunbaking

Ayni with Heroides & Mimosa Ayni with Gaia & Princessa


Good Friday April 6th 2012.

Easter is upon us and we are having a gorgeous week of sunshine and 26 and 27 degrees.
Everything is lovely and green from all the marvelous rain we have had. The alpacas are
enjoying a sunbake and getting the vitamin D before winter sets in. I love this time of
year and also spring.

I may have a baby cria after all as we have an unexpected pregnancy. 
Due at the beginning of May.

Also Florino and Humberto and then Tobias and Hermoso were castrated and will
be happier and remain here at La Granja.  A sin really as they were excellent studs
or prospective studs, but there you are. Advertised a lot and even contacted loads of
Appaloosa people. Anyway at least we will not be breeding lovely creatures to sell to
the MEAT MARKET. They would have created marvelous progeny but do we really need to
create more to put in peoples mouths.!!!!!!!    The thought just appalls me and makes me feel
physically sick.  I was not eating much meat but this has now tipped me right over the edge
and I am mainly vegetarian, with the odd piece of fish.

I had a thought this morning that Gaia could have twins, she is very big and her
Aunt Panchita had a set, albeit born dead.

Tololo and Manchado's caregiver (new) came to visit and they are likely to go to Tasmania,
so on a sea voyage as she is looking for property in Tassie.

Today is Mbale's birthday., he is seven years old. 49 in human terms.  Very gentle beautiful
dog, his brother Corto is eleven and a half.

The fluffy bantam who nested in the tree, had three babies, we had to put up a wooden
ramp for them to get out of the nest but Heroides had to wait until she cushed to get her
back with them underneath her in the evening. He would lift them altogether.!!  Unfortunately
once they began wandering, the dark grey one disappeared, the light one's bottom became
clogged, we tried to cure it to no avail and so she has only one pretty grey one left. Sadly
we get a falcon around here and it may have taken the first one or a crow or currawong.

Until next time then. Namaste Joy

Alpaca's in the lovely Front Garden Goulburn Show
Joy & Corto Ducks on the Pond

March 12, 2012

Well, Well, what a lot of rain.!! 166mls since the beginning of March,
Taylors Creek has rushed through 4 times since the beginning of March.
Everything is very green and very different to the drought years since we moved
here in 1997.
The Alpacas did not much like being like drowned rats all day but were in their
respective shelters all night and fed twice a day instead of once.
The chickens only laid the odd egg and did not like it very much, even though they
have shelter, nor did the guinea fowl as they sleep up in the trees.
But the ducks and geese were in their element, water !!!!!
All the trees and shrubs you could see growing and the vegies, and what a difference
water fron the sky makes rather than watering from a hose, never the same !!
The dogs have their Dri-as-a-bones, but Corto does not like wearing
his as he says the Alpacas laugh at him, you can see he is shy to wear it.!!
Keeps him dry though as he is getting older.
I, unlike a lot of people, have enjoyed this lovely weather and much prefer it to
the drought.
However do feel sorry for the people who have been in flooded areas.
Namaste and peace to you all. Joy



February 12, 2012

A little away from my usual subject this time, snakes. In 14 years
here in Taylors Creek, land of the Tiger snake, we have never had an Alpaca or a dog bitten.

True there have been a few confrontations. A few have reared up at us and the dogs but we have just taken steps back and they have gone about their own business.

One, in our early days here, jumped out of a bucket that I picked up,
gave me a bit of a shock. Another came in the civilized shed where we were living. I must admit I am not a lover of them but if they do their thing and I do mine I do not mind. We have taught the dogs from puppies to back off from them and I believe the Alpacas are curious but then jump back and away.

Heroides did a snake course and now has a hook and a bag and if one is in the civilized garden he catches it expertly and transports it to the back of our 65 acre property.

Just this week there was one in the bantam chicken run, curled in the
corner and he just went quietly and hooked it in the direction of the bag and in it slid. Never handle them though if you do not know what you are doing and dress sensibly in long trousers and sleeves and boots. The brown snakes can be more aggressive and luckily there are not so many of those here.

Like any other creature they have a right to life and to protect
their young and hunt for food.

Swallows have two nests on our walls of the house and I counted 54 the other evening on ledges and on a branch Heroides has put up for them.

All the Alpacas are fine and we have been having a gorgeous summer with lots of rain.             Namaste  Joy      

Heroides with large snake skin Tiger Snake

January   8th 2012

         Happy New Year to all.

     The Alpacas are growing their 2012 fleece like mad.  Shorn on the 6th December and all went well.

   Cien has had a nasty seed in her eye, one of the curly ones with a head. We put her in the crush and Heroides removed the seed and she then had Vitamin C and Eyebright tea and Macuvision pills for a few days.  Also eyebright drops in her eye and although she had already developed a white spot, that has gone and she is fine.

   Guacho has been treated with antibiotics and Vitamin C for gunk from his eye and nostril but it kept coming back with eventually a lump on the side of his nose near his eye.  Two vets have said it is an infection gone to the bone from a diseased tooth and nothing more can be done. However have contacted the Alpaca dentist.

        Everyone else is fit and well. Zarzamora and Chuchi are to be collected this week to go to their lovely new lifetime home near Windellama. Have written two pages of instructions for Cynthia.

       Had a lovely family Christmas with Christmas Day at Mark's and 11 here on Boxing Day.  One male gander went for lunch.

     Taco, the matriach goose is still looking after 7 Muscovy ducklings. One of the ten died and two ,Harriet and Mateo have had hurt legs. Harriet is completely better with Arnica and swimming and Mateo is on the mend with the same treatment and is in his cage at the moment and with the younger group of ducklings at night. Harriet has adopted the three little ducklings and they sleep tucked into her side.!!
                                                             Namaste  Joy


    Muscovy Ducklings                                               Alejandro 

Corto on our bed




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