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December 6th 2011.

Christmas is nearly upon us once more.   Last Sunday was our shearing day and all went well.
It was a tad cool at 19 degrees but the Alpacas are fine. 

We arose at 5,30 am to thunder and 2mls of rain but luckily Heroides had said it was a good idea
to put them in the night before even though rain was not forecast.!!    We were as usual all organized, with the shearing shed all ready and I just had to  take over all essentials , such as fleece bags and towels and first aid, toe nail clippers etc. and then we got the girls across. The boys already being there on the other side of a tall fence.  I had even laid the table for lunch and had the quiches
ready to go in the microwave.

Kerry and Gary arrived, they always bring back their two wethers, bought from here years ago and help and Vivien, our spinner. Closely followed by Ian , the shearer.   We started at 7 am and were finished by 10.30 am, not bad for 28 creatures.    All were very good as I had given them Chamomile the night before. Wanted to give Rescue Remedy too, but Heroides felt that was too much to handle.!!

Macondo and Cappucino , the two wether visitors were with the girls and thought it was lovely and were flirting with Mamacuna.

They are, for a few nights, in every night as it is quite chilly this week and today had their
vitamins ADE and Cod Liver Oil.

     Mother goose Taco has adopted 9 Muscovy ducks and another duck has just had three more. 
We have had a lot of baby chicks, but no guinea fowl, they are notoriously bad sitters and mothers.   Taco is thrilled because she and partner are 18  years old and he is too old and no longer fertile.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all  and do not forget my book,
good for  a Christmas present.!!!!!         Joy






November 8th 2011

Less than one month until shearing and getting hotter, the highest temperature so far has been
28 degrees. Huge spectacular storm in the night last night.  However the Alpacas are coping and
if hot keep to the shade or paddle in the creek.  We have always found that if you shear before
the beginning of December here one can have a cold snap.

I went to Windellama Field Day on Saturday with two helpers to represent AABA, the
friendliest of the two Alpaca Associations in my opinion, and it was a lovely day and we
did well. Lots of people.   We all sold things and handed out information and five fleeces
went, as I had to make room for this years clip.

Nearly had an unexpected cria the other day as the girls were down the creek and the
boys in the garden and all the girls got twitchy for some unknown reason and Princessa
jumped  a higher than usual fence direct and landed amongst four entire boys and four
wethers. All ended well as we got her on the halter and she was led back to the other girls.

Our little chicks and ducklings keep increasing, 13 fluffy bantams so far and they are so
sweet and all different colours and ten Muscovy ducklings.

Namaste   Joy

       Guacho still likes his bottle (Vitamin C)                      Ducklings                  

Humberto & Tobias try their hand at Spinning
(what a beautiful sight, so inquisitive)

16th  October 2011

            Spring is sprung!!    We have so far had ten Muscovy ducklings, darling little yellow
and black babies.  Then ten fluffy bantam chicks, all colours white spotty, black, grey
from a white father and fawn mother.  Now three from another mother.  The third bantam I
think has sat too long so I feel very sorry for her as she will probably have no babies. 
Also the geese are sitting but we may have no babies as they did not last year
and I was unable to get any fertilized eggs for them , so keep your fingers crossed
that things have changed this year, one male could have been too young !!.

   The poplars are in leaf, wattles and most blossom has come and gone. I have recently put
in a lilac, banksia rose, olive and fejoa.

     The Alpacas are very well, I notice that they must be getting more nourishment from
the pasture, which is very green, as they do not require so much mix.   Although they are still
all there for their meal and that is good as I love to pat and kiss them and check out each one.

           Guacho has had a runny nose and eye and we believe his immune system is down because
of his bad start in life eleven years ago. Not bad as according to the vet he was not supposed
to last the night.!!  He is on Vitamin C and to clear it up we may give him an antibiotic injection.

          The Alpaca National Show has been on in Sydney and I do not go anymore but quite a
few of my books were sold by Trevor, who kindly does that for me.  Hopefully holistic
methods are coming to the fore , more and more.  The AAA magazine is now on line which I do
not like as I love to sit in the sun room and read it and not on a computer screen.!!  Also I have collected them for years and it is just not the same thing at all.  
Consequently I did not read it!!!!

          On Sunday I was on the phone link to the AABA Annual General Meeting.

              You can now access my book via PAY PAL,
with the email        

Namaste  Joy

Nieta and the girls Mamacuna introducing
herself to the ducks

September 11th 2011.

The anniversary of 9/11, let us hope such a thing never happens again.

Getting to spring slowly,one day so far 21 degrees and then today down to 12, with a very cold wind.

All the Alpacas are blooming, as is the wattle and fruit tree blossom in the orchard.
Heroides and I have done the pruning in there, so hope for fruit down the track, if the birds
do not take it first. Never mind if they take the odd plum or peach but they
seem to peck them all. Heroides covered the pears last year and we had a lot of them.

We have a fluffy bantam sitting and also a Muscovy duck so should have some baby
chicks and ducklings soon.

We have the crested pigeons back again and the swallows have come back to
revisit their nest from last year, on the wall of the house
As they had a large family last year, they may have to build more accommodation.!!

My robin has gone back to the mountains for the summer. We have had a solitary
white cockatoo visit, I think he has lost the crowd.!!

We have sighted many foxes and rabbits are rampant here. Wombats also make a
highway through our property.

All eight boys are together and are so good, four entire and four wethers,
no fighting and they are co existing very peacefully.

Still have some Alpacas for sale to excellent homes only and also a limited amount
of fleece at $15 a kilo,( can split saddles.) all colours and some Appaloosa.

My book is still available and now take Pay Pal ,
Please visit my book page
Namaste. Joy


Aurora and Wind Farm Moon Rising
Tobias Tololo and Manchado wrestling


August 19th 2011

Drizzling again today and we have had 29 mls in the last few days, a very good sign for
the spring growth af pasture and trees.

The wattles are beginning so spring will soon be here. Our chickens and ducks have been
providing us with eggs all winter as we have various ages and last autumn we had a lot of chicks.

The vet came and we had Manchado castrated, he was only a little stiff the next day as we
get her to use pain killer, local anesthetic and antibiotic and then we dose him up with ADE
and Cod liver oil and Vitamin C. He has been sold with Tololo but is not leaving here until
about March, their owner is retiring and buying land.

Quetzalcoatl has settled well in Victoria and now has quite a few girls to service.
It was serendipity when his companion stud became ill with kidney stones and his owner
and I found the same South American herb on the same day, which she ordered and it
cured him. Chanca Piedra. See I mentioned this before but it is worth reinforcing.

Hermoso and Humberto have bonded with their 6 older brothers and so we have eight
males together. They were introduced to Guacho and Ninfo at first and then Pesito,
all three wethers and then, upon Heroides idea we added, Tobias, and lastly Tololo and
Manchado and they are fine. Little Humberto is still a little shy and goes to Ninfo and
Guacho for support.

Elfgive has had a little loss of hair on her legs and so every day she has been getting Zinc
and Castor oil on them and they have been improving, it may well be with all the wet
weather. She is still on her mother Dama and is huge. Dama is still fed a lot and is looking
in good condition. We did the same with Zarzamora and Solange but Zarzamora has
weaned Solnge herself. Some mothers do , but Dama , having been bottle fed is a softy
herself. Leti is starting to wean Mamacuna by spitting at her, but Anna does not mind
Mayu doing the same thing.

I love all my creatures as part of the family, but for the sake of being fair to them to
have a family of their own we have two studs and a few girls for sale, to excellent homes
only, similar to La Granja. We have others besides those on the for sale page and if you
need alternate advice do not forget my book.

Namaste Joy


Ducks in the Garden                                                      Mbale in the Sun Room 

Guacho & Ninfo visit in the house

July 19th 2011

Hola everyone,

Cannot remember such a cold winter here only in UK. Cold bitter winds and raining today.
However all the Alpacas are well and happy and the main thing well fed. Guacho has a little bit
of a snotty nose and runny eye and we have been dosing him up with CLO and Vitamin C and
giving him extra food. I think his immunity is always low as he had such a bad start as a baby,
he is 11 years now and I am hoping he lives to a ripe old age.

So many people have been contacting me about either creatures dying after they have been
sold or when they buy them. I have been trying to get across that it pays you to feed them well,
watch them closely and give them all the good nutrition they deserve. Then you do not lose
the creature or have huge vet bills to pay.

A regime of La Granja diet and Cod Liver Oil and ADE is best plus Vitamins and herbs when
needed. NO CHEMICALS. Before you take on the honour of looking after Alpacas get your
land right with the best balance for the area of minerals and nutrients, no super, clean
unpolluted water and good shelter for them all. Then get a few creatures and build your
way up to a herd of healthy, strong boned, good confirmation and lovely fleeced creatures.

Compassion and gentle handling is important too and giving the mothers a break from birth,
even a season and not rebeeding them when too old.

I would love all creatures to have this sort of life but feel I will not see it in my lifetime. Optimistically I always look forward to a better way of life for everyone in the world
including creatures, perhaps one day it will be here.

Namaste Joy Alpaca caregiver. Book available.


Alpacas looking after the Chickens                Heroides, Mbale, Leti & Anna


June 18th 2011

    Hola again, what a cold winter we are having I feel like hibernating but there are all
our creatures to be fed and they come before my personal comfort.

    Everyone is healthy and fit here. So not much to report, except, Quetzalcoatl 's companion
stud in Victoria was ill with what we think were kidney stones, weeing a lot and pain
in the back legs.  He had a week of antibiotics but that did not work. His owners and
I put our heads together and he was given Vitamin C and ADE and Cod Liver Oil
and less grain.  His owner found a South American herb that is good for this and
very strangly the same day I read about it in the Oprah magazine. It is called Chanca Piedra.
  Anyway the upshot is that he is well now so that is worth knowing for future reference.

    Upon a different subject I am going to give a warning here already put on both Forums.
 We think everyone should be careful that their creatures are extremely healthy
before selling to a caregiver.  This is I feel very important in today's world.

      Lately with the low price of Alpacas and some people getting into the industry,
with no experience and perhaps too young to be able to handle them properly,
thinking one can get rich quick, there is a huge danger of the Alpaca being abused so
that if they go in tip top condition in the first place it is a help. Mind you there is nothing
to stop them going down hill then due to a lack of care, even if sold as pets.

     It is a subject that is close to my heart and is hitting home with us at the moment
as we are downsizing and I hate selling my babies anyway.   They have to go to excellent
homes even though we do not get what they are worth, extremely fit and healthy
creatures with good genes etc, brought up on La Granja mix, vitamins and herbs etc. 
I am also horrified that they may be eaten down the track , but that is another fight.

  Having heard very recently very sadly of someone,  who and where shall be nameless,
buying three wethers and a female and within a short time the girl aborted and
she and two boys died, this shocked me and I feel because I love creatures,
I have to say something.

I  am aware that times are hard, we do not find it easy, but the creatures welfare
is paramount to me and if you cannot feed them, look after their health, do not have
them in the first place or stop breeding them as we have done.   Hoping that everyone
takes this with good heart as it was intended, just a gentle reminder having been to see
the Dalai Lama lately, I feel compassion is all we should have for one another
and the creatures.          
Namaste     Alpaca Caregiver      Joy      

My book is available          
Dama, Misty & Alegria with the Wind Farm Alpacas by the creekette


May 23rd   2011

      Quetzalcoatl went to the Otway ranges as a stud and has done his first mating with Daisy. 
Got the idea quickly and stayed for five minutes so hopefully there is a result.
He has gone to a very good home with very caring humans and I hope will have a lovely life and
many spotty progeny. I was very sad as Appaloosa's had been my dream since at least 
2004/5 and we bought Peerless Marlecchino in March 2006,
but Heroides now wants to down size.

           Appaloosa have now become the flavour of the month,6 or so years later and we
have sold all Marlecchino's progeny and him and have only La Granja Hermoso and
three young girls left of his babies.They will only go to very good homes only.
We have just weaned Hermoso at nearly 14 months and therefore he is extremely
well grown out and halter trained.

     I sincerely believe the Appaloosa are the Alpaca of the future and the spinners
love their fleece and wonderful garments can be made.   

       Please do not forget my book.      Namaste Joy


                                              KuKuul 1st Mating                            KuKuul Kissing Daisy                                             

26th April 2011

Well the Easter break is nearly over and I have the Royal Wedding to look forward to at
the end of the week. Yes I am a Royalist and proud to be one.

      Heroides and I have had a quiet break.   Last week we entertained a lady from Queensland for a couple of days for Alpaca Holistic Training.    It was all very hands on and she thoroughly enjoyed herself, commenting that it was worth much more than the amount charged.!!   
She is retiring near the end of the year and setting up as an Alpaca breeder, but moving to a
cooler climate more suited to the Alpacas. Great Idea !!    
My darling Tololo and Manchado are likely to be the basis of her herd.

     After she left we took the plunge and put Leti. Anna, Mayu and Mamacuna to the back,
with the rest of the herd, the little girls are now over six months.  We also weaned Hermoso and Humberto to the front with Guacho and Ninfo as they are both 13 months. They do not like this
idea too much but are settling. After a few days we have moved Guacho and Ninfo back with
the big boys and are concentrating on haltering Hermoso and Humberto every day.
Next week the two lots of boys will integrate together, nine all told.

  Leti loved the first day at the back and led all the herd right to the back of the 65 acres. 
They have not been there all the time she has been gone, she really is the leader.
When they all came in to join her not long ago, she fought Chuchi who had been deputy
leader at the back whilst Leti had been on maternity leave.!!!
Fascinating the antics of Alpacas.!!

    All our chickens have been late sitting on eggs and we have had a total of over twenty
babies lately, all different colours, even some Appaloosa.!!

                Namaste Joy          Book available.


               Mimosa & Heroides Chick Sitting	                 Mimosa & Joy have a Cuddle


Enjoying time together

They say Alpacas and dogs dont get on !!!!!!

30th March 2011

All is well with the Darlings at La Granja Holistic Alpacas.
Everything is still green and lovely.

        However,I am a bit miffed at the moment. We, my two helper friends and I, went to the
Goulburn Show at the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday to promote AABA,
the Australasian Alpaca breeders Association Inc.
I was kindly allowed to take my fleece and book.
We were given a spot in the Peden Pavilion with AAA by the Goulburn Agricultural Society, 
I suggested to both AABA and the Goulburn people it was not a good idea, as a lot of
controversy exists between both of them.  We are members of both Associations. 

    We were in an excellent position by the entrance door. We received many black looks from
AAA members on the Saturday and I was warned I was likely to be approached on the Sunday.     Sure enough, no sooner there ,at 7.30 am than someone came charging across and placed three
pull up advertisements to successfully block us off from the main room.
Therefore I moved forward considerably and moved one of his pull ups to the other end.

      Amusingly half way through the morning one of the pull ups collapsed for no apparent reason
( my angels I believe ) and he, who shall be nameless, moved the third one back.  
My helpers were very annoyed and wished to do more. The President of the Agricultural Society
came to see me but did not suggest a remedy.  I was told the AAA committee were coming
to see me but they did not, I had to grab the President and explain the situation.   
I was told by two different people on two different occasions that we had had enough
promotion on the Saturday AND that AAA members had asked that I be asked to take
the banners down on Saturday.

What a performance, it is just a great pity that AAA and AABA cannot resolve their
past differences and all get on and promote that beautiful creature, the Alpaca.

      Never mind, I met some lovely people.   Sorry to be so political this time and will post two photographs to cheer myself up, one of Tololo in his house.       Namaste Joy.



4th March 2011

Gorgeous weather today, 34 degrees and sunny and still. Everything is green from occasional
rain and new small trees that we put in, elms and sycamores, total about 20 are
doing excellently.

So are the Alpacas, 20 have just had their Autumn ADE and Cod Liver Oil and the boys
will be done today or tomorrow. All youngsters were haltered and they are all very good, except
Hermoso who lies down and is a real Mummies boy.

    Solange, Elfgiva, Hermoso and Humberto are still on their Mothers milk, although one year old this month.  Hermoso and Humberto have started to practice mate but of course are not capable yet.

  One of the photos this time are of two crested baby pigeons that Heroides rescued from the
ground near the Tagasastes, they had fallen from their nest. It was so lovely to see two more
as Mum and Dad feed here all the time with the guinea fowl.

    We have had a total of 16 baby chicks, the last two mothers had seven and one respectively,
the last white chicken had a black chick which looks rather sweet.

      Book and Alpacas for sale, to very good homes only and as we need to decrease our
numbers will negotiate on the advertised prices. 

                  Namaste  Joy

Crested Baby Pigeons Solange
Saved by Heroides


10th February 2011                 

  February already , how did that happen ????    Not a lot to report at La Granja.

No more babies as we are not breeding anymore. I miss them tremendously !!   
Mamacuna and Mayu are growing big and getting good on the halter .

     Everyone has been very fit and well, except me and I have had a bacterial infection and it laid me very low for at least two weeks.  So Heroides was doing all his usual farm work plus feeding everyone.     Still feel weak and worn out but now getting there, after a dose of antibiotics, cannot remember the last time I had those, and am now dosing myself up with all sorts of herbs and natural remedies.

We have had eight baby chicks from two hens and more expected from two more.
Some Appaloosa !!!!!  Heroides has culled two roosters, as we had about six.

  Now that I am back eating we are using all our vegetables in the patch and also the fruit from the orchard, pears, plums, and blackberries.  I love blackberry pie and crumble, with apple of course.
No chemicals here of course.   

          The Alpacas all missed me and I  fed them for the first time yesterday and Ninfo and Guacho gave me a kiss and Guacho clucked as I am his Mother.  A few of the girls enjoyed a neck rub too. Today I sat with them when they had their morning sunbake after their breakfast.

     We have had swallows nesting on the side of the house and so far they have raised two families of four each time and are still visiting. I hope they come again next year.         Namaste Joy

Book still available.                             
Hen & Her Chicks Anna and Mayu

4th January 2011

Well the Christmas and New Year period is over once more. Just have the tree, decorations and cards to take down in a couple of days, before twelfth night.  

        Heroides and I had a quiet one this year, just younger son and family calling in on their way back from Melbourne  to Sydney on the 28th and our neighbours around for drinks and nibbles.  Of course we had the Alpacas, dogs and poultry to keep us company.

       All are well and thriving, seven boys at the front, Anna and Leti and their two babies in the maternity paddock and sixteen at the back.  No one weaned yet, waiting a little longer.

      We have had only about three days of over thirty degrees and the rest cooler and quite a bit of rain which is good as everything is green. Heroides has used his tractor and ride on mower more than usual. it is good to see everything growing so well.

    Poor Queenslanders, I feel so sorry for them all with the flooding, I wonder how the Alpacas up there are coping with all the rain and not much sun.??

      I wish everyone a Happy New Year  and all the best for 2011, I have a feeling it will be a lucky, joyous, spiritual year for everyone.   Namaste   Joy



Corto in Christmas Dress / Jasper, Leti, Anna & Babies


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