NEWS 2010


             Christmas 2010
  Firstly would like to wish everyone who reads my missives a Happy Christmas and New Year, may all your wishes come true.

     Everyone here is feeling great after shearing  in their new jackets, they look good.   Some terrific fleeces here and would you believe Tobias shore 5.660 kilos, no wonder the poor love  was so hot !!      The gorgeous rain is keeping everything green and growing well, trees and pasture and vegie patch.  Our creek has rushed through twice and Lake George is filling. 

   Usually after shearing, the previous autumn babies are weaned but as no one is repregnant am leaving the two little boys on for awhile and then they will go straight in with the other boys. Hermoso especially sticks to his mother like glue!!  We put Solange and Elfgiva in with Leti and Anna and the babies  and the first day they were good but the second they really missed their mummies and were looking and looking. They are eight and a half and nine months respectively.   Dama is such a good mother with plenty of milk , she and Zarzamora came down the hill both nights to find the girls, what good mothers!!  They were weaned on Sunday and by Tuesday night I could not stand it any longer, I was feeling dreadful so haltered them back to their mothers( they are both halter trained well ) and they can stay on longer. Will keep an eye that Dama  does not  get thin.  Must be getting softer as the years go by!!

                    Namaste   Joy

                       Elfgiva with a leaf                                      Mayu and Mamacuna

9th December 2010

Well, shearing went well, and is over for another year. I became stressed as usual and asked my angels for at least three fine days. 

They obliged and Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th and Monday the 6th December were fine. We put the Alpacas in their shelters the night before and they have been in there every night since.    We were ,in total ,seven people and we started at 7am and we were finished by 10.45am. all went smoothly and there was not a lot of spitting and weeing, we had towels at the ready.!!   I had given them chamomile herb the night before and this helped. No nicks or disasters and they were all thrilled to be free of their fur coats.

Humberto fell and hit his head, but no ill effects and we discovered a little sore on Dama's side caused we think by a seed and we sprayed this with antiseptic.Toenails were cut and since then we have given them all their ADE and Cod Liver Oil. Tobias feels much better as with his 5 kilos he was getting very hot. We have to go back to weigh and skirt the fleece.
Mbale and Corto spent the whole time outside the gate guarding and looking at what was going on in the shearing shed.  We even did the two babies, two months, as that would be two months extra fleece next year and the cria fleece picks up everything. Since, they have been rolling, sun baking and generally enjoying life,seem to be very happy and of course so are we !!!!

We have had a lot of rain and our creek has rushed through to Lake George and everything is green and growing like mad .  Lovely.  
Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone and may all your dreams come true.
Namaste .  My book is for sale as usual.  

10th November

        Realize I have not written for a month, must be slipping.

    Went to the Windellama Field day on Saturday with Diana and Vivien, my spinner. It was very enjoyable and we all had a good day., selling fleeces and books.  A lot of interest in Alpacas was shown and had lots of contacts.   Most of the people there are lovely rural alternate folks.

     Bought myself some gorgeous roses and sweet peas and mint plants, Christmas decorations and two spiders made of crystals., one of which looks very realistic.

     Our two crias are growing like mad, Mamacuna was bottle fed for two and a half weeks but is now fine, now that Leti's milk has come in.  She leaps around and jumps with all four feet in the air and then kicks out. She gazes at you from a distance and they have both been on the halter several times.

      Everyone else is happy and we are glad that we did not shear before as last week the weather was back to winter  with only 15 and 16 degrees here and Cold.   All fleeces have been sold except for three and they will join this years clip. Anyone wanting Alpacas, to love and cherish, please visit us.
                  Namaste   Joy

Mbale Watching the Births           Ninfo and Guacho on the Balcony                  

9th October 2010

Leti looked strange when I let them out at 7am.  Another little girl was born at 9.05am.   Two lttle girls , just what I wanted. My angels/ guides have been hard at work as I had to go out at 11 am.  Not my choice but my son had bought tickets for Mother Africa.

     I was afraid something was stuck but all well just a little help needed.  Umbilicus sprayed and up soon and Leti passed the afterbirth 2 hours later.   Unfortunately Leti's milk is a long time coming in, unlike Anna's and we are having to bottle feed Mamacuna.( Temple of the sun.)   She is a little roan, just like her big sister Arco Iris who is now in South Australia, she would have loved her, she loved her brothers and sisters.  She had false colostrum too and Leti is getting raspberry leaf and fennel to bring down the milk.

     Left Heroides in charge and managed to get out by 11am, Show excellent and then back and had to go out again at 7pm to a South American concert, all go and usuallly do not go out.!!    Leti given medication and in shelter at night.

       So all is well and my guides looked after everything well.   Can relax now and the girls can play together.  After one more haltering the maidens will go back to the back and the mothers and babies will remain in the maternity paddock until shearing in December. Will trim Cien's fringe.         

                  Namaste  Joy

7th  October 2010 
Anna had her baby today at 2.55pm 353 days. We are still waiting for Leti, mated on the same day.  

 A very cute baby girl, Mayu( meaning in Incan, Celestial river or Milky way)   Anna every day had been going to the next door paddock to sit and reflect on her own.   She looked more serious yesterday and began to groan a little and roll and go for a small poo.    Heroides had gone to help with someone else's shearing and rang at one pm to say they had finished and he was leaving and were there any babies. I said" No"but as I then looked Anna had become more serious.  I rang him back and he said he would come straight rather than stopping at the shops.

    Unbelievable I know but he just drove in the gate when she began to push in earnest, I was beginning to think something was stuck!!   Two heads are always better than one and someone to hold the head end if you have to go in and examine her.

    Soon after he walked in the paddock a bubble appeared with two little legs and a nose ,he helped with the shoulders and everything was fine.  Sprayed the umbilicus with Betadine.  Lovely little pure white girl from Marlecchino. I  thank my guides or angels for Anna not going till late as I had been asking them for assistance.

We had got the vet out on Tuesday just to check both girls and Nieta's ear as she had been holding it back, he reassured us all was OK.

  Anna had her medicine ADE and CLO and Vitamin C and was in the maternity shelter that night with Mayu, who found the milk very quickly and Anna passed the afterbirth after two and a half hours.

Here are some cute photos and hopefully will report Leti's birth soon, she is jealous and the maidens could not believe where this baby Alpaca came from.          
                                                 Namaste   Joy



 September 15th 2010

      Well spring has sprung with sunny days and plenty of rain in between, which is terrific.  We are haltering the babies and the maidens.  They have all had their ADE and Cod liver Oil.

        We have two geese sitting and one chicken so far.  The wattles and some fruit trees are out in blossom, and Lake George is getting fuller.  I am keeping a close eye on Anna and Leti due this weekend, but the spring babies are notoriously late, although Anna keeps going in the adjoining paddock to be on her own and is very spitty.  I am keeping my eye open for good names as may be my last opportunity, a bit sad really.

    Everyone else is very well, Dama's eye is better but Nieta is holding one ear back and we have started putting drops in it for a few days.   When it pours with rain at night they are all in their respective shelters and I feel better when I hear the rain drumming on the roof. However if it starts in the middle of the night I worry but they do cope OK.

       Not a lot of news this time but I hopefully will be back soon with lots and some good baby photos.!!!!!!!!

                          Namaste   Joy

August 25th 2010

Anna and Leti came into the maternity paddock on Sunday evening ready for their September births. Three maidens accompanied them, Aurora, Cien and Nieta for further handling, loving and haltering. They are three gorgeous girls and I would like to sell them together.  They are Solid fawn, brown/ white( off the shoulder gown ) from Marlecchino and a fawn suri from Surenio. As we are not mating anymore they deserve to go to a good home and have a baby.

   We also have three potential studs for sale, Tobias, Quetzalcoatl and Tololo, Solid white, Appaloosa and dark brown respectively, lowest micron 16.

    Winter has continued wet and windy, frosty and sunny on various days, and the creek and creekette have run through and we have several waterfalls, I love the sound of the water running, there are lots of frogs croaking, a good enviromental sign.
   The round of babies has started as I have one female goose sitting.

      I think my robin is preparing to go back to the Brindebellas for the summer as he has only visited once this week, tapping and fluttering at me on the study window.  Have been hearing my black cockatoos too.

      Heroides is enjoying retirment and is busy fencing. So many jobs and so little time !!

    Jackson completed his six weeks in hospital and has gone back to boarding school, more  cheerful than I would be as he has to wear a brace for at least two months, no sport or skiing for ages.

       I am so looking forward to spring and my new babies, one from Anna and Marlecchino and one from Leti and Florino, both Dad's now in South Australia.  Hoping for an appaloosa and a grey.   Have to think of some fabulous names.

 Please note about our holistic day or weekend (on the first page). We would love to set other people on this lovely path of natural Alpaca rearing, it is so rewarding.

      Mbale and Corto are well but missing big sister Toya, enjoying herself now in heaven with Che, Paco, Rupert, Red, Chilli, Peppi, Jumble and all the other pets plus alpacas that have gone on ahead.

                                Namaste   Joy       Alpaca Caregiver.     Dama is now OK.


August 3rd 2010   

  Well it has been very cold and a lovely drop of rain and there is a lot of water in Lake George.   Heroides has one more day before he retires so I am looking forward to that immensely.  Mind you, that is retiring from official work, there is still loads to do here as a farmer.!!!    

     Dama, has had a sore eye, I believe she has injured it somehow on a twig or some such. It is a large white dot in the eye.  We are treating it in our usual fashion , naturally and with Macuvision pills and Vitamin C and eyebright.  But because  we do not quite know what the injury is we have also got three injections from the vet, antibiotics which cross the barrier to the eye. Normal ones will not do.  The others we have had have not been quite so bad and caused by birth pushing and not an injury, and we have treated those solely with natural things and cleared them up.   I am hoping the eye becomes completely normal as she has such gorgeous eyes, bright and greenish in which you can gaze into her soul.

   Everyone else is fine and we gave the three babies their ADE and Cod Liver oil at the weekend, their haltering lessons continue.      Elfgiva is enormous because of Dama's supply of milk.  Solange is so pretty ,an apricot and white suri and is so friendly too and she gazes long and hard at you.  Humberto is a lovely grey suri and Hermoso a pretty, white and fawn Appaloosa.

   The ducks are loving the wet weather and enjoying the pond which is full at the moment, so are the tanks and everything is looking green, what a lovely spring it will be, cannot wait.  I have had a little robin visit me all winter and his wife, he is so bright and he comes and sings every day and looks at himself in the mirror and looks in the study and bedroom window. Seemingly they are rare and endangered now so I feel very honoured.

               Must away and take the woofers around the paddock.    Namaste Joy

Ninfo Tololo
17th July 2010 

    So lonely without my lovely girls , crias and studs. I look out each morning and the girls and babies are not in the maternity run.  I think I explained that we are able to rest 5 paddocks at the moment. The maternity paddock will be ready for Leti and Anna to go in mid August ready for their mid September births.  I have great expectations as Leti is due to produce a cria from Florino and Anna one from Marlecchino, two excellent girls or two future studs!!!!!!! or one of each.

      Heroides and I did haltering yesterday with the few crias, Humberto and Solange are excellent.  Hermoso is coming along and Elfgiva needs work, she is spoilt by mother Dama, she is enormous with lots of milk feeds.

I am in constant touch with Grant and Julie at Aloka Holistic Alpacas and they are falling in love with everyone and haltering and giving neck cuddles. They have all been excellent and I am so proud of our creatures, they do us proud.  They carry their great start and spiritual messages out to the world, and I know they will never forget us as I will never forget them.

     Went in to see Jackson again today, he is in hospital having hurt his spine on a trampoline and poor lad has to lie flat for about six weeks, that is number three grandson.  He is surprisingly cheerful.         Namaste   Joy

30th June 2010

Well, my little darlings have arrived in Gumeracha, South Australia. They left here yesterday morning at 10 am after a horrific loading. No one ever wants to leave La Granja, they have too good a time here. Titicaca cushed before the ramp. They had to be divided into three groups, mothers and four month old babies, younger girls, and two certified studs and a young potential stud.   16 creatures total.

I had worried for at least two weeks after selling them and the two days of travel were horrific for me, plus  had a very bad back. The hours just dragged by, they had a 30 hour trip, including an overnight stop and the truck breaking down and they were rather squashed in our opinion.

I, however love the people they are going to live with, Julie and Grant and they are going to take over our essence and raise them holistically too. It is the sort of home I had asked my Guides and Angels for and they are so my sort of people.   Good luck to Aloka Holistic Alpacas ( .  Their son Ayize will be the future Alpaca man.

They have settled well now and cannot get over all the green grass.

We of course still have 25 here and two babies due in the spring., but there are some young boys and girls for sale to excellent homes only.    Pesito missed his chums, Florino and Surenio, but the young boys, four ,joined him and I put Guacho and Ninfo in to bond for awhile too.

The other mothers and babies went to the back, babies are about four months so old enough. It means we have five paddocks empty to recuperate for a few months at least. Leti and Anna will come in in August for their September births with about three young companions. It does the paddocks good to rest them for as long as possible.

  Sadly we had to send Toya to the big garden in the sky and she is buried with her brothers in the front garden, Paco and Che.  She had a job to get up anymore and also was occasionally not eating and vomiting. We all miss her, rest in peace Toya.           Namaste   Joy.

Arco Iris arriving - Yippy The girls & crias enjoying the green grass

June  19th.  2010

    Winter is upon us and frosts and have had several days of cold wind and rain. Lovely that we get rain but the Alpacas look a little miserable. Thank goodness we have shelter for them all now.   A few nights I have put them all under cover.   I am going through trauma as we are cutting back our numbers and have sold several.

        I think I mentioned that we sold Marlecchino to a lovely home in South Australia and he must be in his element as he has mated five girls already.
    Two little boy weanlings went a fortnight ago, also to nice people, who had two wethers but one had died and so they wanted two more as companions for him and their Dexter cows and Dorper sheep.  They are pictured here along with Mbale, they are Artemio ( black) and Alejandro ( fawn ), they are calling then Alex and Art and funnily enough their other one is Amasa.  I have rung twice and they have settled well. It was a terrific time to sell them as they were due to be weaned  8 and 9 months and it is better to go right away where they cannot see Mum.

    Now we have sold quite a few also to lovely people, who are going to go down our path and raise them holistically, so good for my heart but sad to part with them.  More on this subject in next news.

     Tessa has had a limp in her right front leg, probably slipped on a rock at the back, but as they have all had their June ADE and Cod Liver Oil, she had that and also Vitamin C for healing and is now completely right.   

       Everyone else is fine and all the babies are good on the halter except perhaps Artemesia and Hermoso, but they will get there, just have a stronger character.!!   

    The young boys have shared going down the creek with the studs, each at a different time because there is an abundance of grass down there. The back lot are through there today.  

                  Namaste and share the love.      Joy     Alpaca Caregiver.



May 28th 2010

     At last we have had some rain, after not much in May. Now over 60 mls in 2 days, and more forecast for the weekend.   Everyone here is well and thriving.

    I went to Epic in Canberra to the Alpaca event and did well selling my book and the World of Alpacas magazine, we are on the cover this year, and some articles of Alpaca clothing. But not so well with our organic fleece, as it is priced very competitively but there was some there for $10 a bag.     How can you possibly do this when it costs $ 16 an Alpaca to shear.   What micron is it and does this not bring down the value of such a gorgeous product.     However ours is always labeled with name, stats, weight and the fact that it has no chemical in it and does not break because our creatures are not put under stress.    Never mind they will sell, as I sold out last year or you are throwing it away at too cheap a price.

     All the crias are growing big and all have lovely fleeces of various colours.    Solange is very pretty and a suri with white and apricot on half her back.    Guevara has a pretty grey boy Humberto and Princessa a very pretty Appaloosa , Hermoso.          Photos below.

      Getting cold now and the Poplars and Golden Locusts have lost their leaves.   The creek rushed through with the rain so has had a good wash out.

           All till next time   Joy


   April 21st 2010

        All the autumn babies are growing apace, dashing around the paddock. Humberto thinks he is doing practice runs for the Derby !!

    They all have different characters, he and Solano play together and are both curious and will come and sniff you. Ruffiano is more standoffish and sits back to front on Princessa and tries to mate.  Hermoso looks like his Dad Marlecchino and stares at you. Artemesia is very shy and twitchy.
  Solange is very pretty and curious and likes a neck rub. Elfgiva is just shy and pretty and sticks to her mother Dama.   They are all neck rubbed and patted as much as possible and have all been on the halter.

    Peerless Marlecchino has been sold to a stud in South Australia and he got there without mishap and much to his delight has had his first mating there.  It was my dream to go on breeding Appaloosa's but we have to be sensible and Heroides has persuaded me to downsize, so quite a lot are for sale at very reasonable prices, you will see these very shortly on our For Sale sight.  Some I can never sell.  We have cut down on matings drastically and have only two babies due in the spring.

   We are not getting any younger and Heroides has a bad back. There is another thought at the back of my mind too.!! What is the good of going on breeding these gorgeous creatures only to have to find a very good home for them and who knows if they will be sold on to be eaten.??    That I cannot bear, so there is only one solution.   Our For Sale page will be updated shortly.

          This time the photos are of me with Guevara and Humberto and of our ducks.

                     Namaste           Joy       Alpaca Caregiver.

Guevara & Humberto


April 3rd 2010

  Had to go to Sydney for my grandson Tamas's 18th birthday and went on train as we could not both leave here as babies due.  
  However Guevara waited until Tuesday the 30th March to have a little grey boy from Currumbong Aysgarth, and I named him Humberto.  He was born at 7.30 in the morning and just slid out, no trouble ,when I went to let them out of the maternity run.   Gave him a bottle plus cod liver oil for the first day as her milk was a long time coming in. He is already a little naughty and goes around the paddock at 100 miles an hour.

  Then on the 1st of April Dama looked odd all morning, rolling and lying down.  Eventually at 1pm a little head and legs appeared, and I went to help her with the shoulders, watched from the road by one of the wind farm workers. He rudely drove off when I went to speak to him.
Amazingly this little girl is brown and white but with gorgeous fleece and straight straight legs, she takes after Granny Dora.  A little bit shy.  I called her Elfgiva, (sent by the fairies.)

   So that is all seven, very healthy and on the ground OK, four boys and three girls.  No more until spring.  In haste but will write again shortly.    

  Poor little Corto, the middle dog, has had a bad eye, I have been treating it with eyebright drops and Macuvision pills and bathing it. Heroides looked at the eye with his magnifying glass last night and there is a hole in the eyeball. So today he was taken to the vet and had antibiotics and has pills to take.  I shall also keep him on the other medication, too.

   Do not know what he did or how but must have been painful and never a murmur out of him, he is such a good dog! Feel it must have been a twig or reed, not done when we were with him.        

Namaste   Joy


10th March 2010

What a hectic day!!   I was intending to do my housework . That idea was blown right out of the window.!!   When I went out to feed at 9am, I noticed Gaia was a little twitchy. After going from sand roll to poo pile she was at the end of the paddock with a head and two legs stuck out at the back. Meanwhile Princessa was hiding away from everyone around the end of the Tagasaste fence with a nose and two legs out.

With a little help from me with the shoulders Gaia had a daughter, solid fawn from Marlecchino and I have called her Artemesia, which is a name I have had on hold for awhile.  Helped Princessa then and she had a pretty little boy, pinky fawn and white and spotty, also from Marlecchino, with inside out ears, tiny so decided to call him Hermosa ( handsome in Spanish.)   I was a little worried with him as his umbilicus was bleeding more than usual and I thought I would have to tie it or clip it but luckily it stopped bleeding and I sprayed it with Betadine.

They have both soon found the milk supply and seem fine, I gave the mothers extra food with fennel and raspberry leaf for the milk to come in.

 It is Murphys law Heroides went back to work today, yesterday, Reina had Ruffiano, named by Heroides as he helped with the shoulders, and he was roofing at the time. A nice little white boy from Pesito, his last child as he has been desexed.

 Zarzamora delivered a little white and fawn suri on Thursday, she is lovely and I have called her Solange.   She is from the Black suri, this is why I say you can never tell what colour you will have until they are born.

  We just have Dama and Guevara at the end of the month and then the autumn crop is over. It is great when you have several together as once they feel their feet they all play and pronk in the  paddock.

The weather is a little cooler now for them and everywhere is green and gorgeous after the rain.    Our creek has run through and Lake George has had water in it.

    Until next month then.  Namaste.   Joy Allenby- Acuna.

    Book Alpaca Addiction is available.

March 9th 2010
 Only one baby so far, born 6 days early on my grand daughters Birthday, 26th February. 
I had gone to Canberra to deliver her birthday presents.

     So Heroides was in charge, he looked at 12.30 and there was no sign and then when he went again at 2pm there was a little solid black boy already cushed. Born to Lucina and Florino's son, Solano. She passed the afterbirth soon after, so easy.
 However things have not been so easy since, she appeared to have no milk, with her other babies, two boys, she has been fine with plenty of milk. One can never tell!!.   Heroides had given him boiled water as it was very hot.

   By nightfall he still had not drunk so gave him a bottle of milk mixture and my false colostrum recipe.  Lucina was eating well. Next day she seemed to go off her food and we gave her an antibiotic just in case and still no milk.  He still kept sucking on her. After a couple of days she appeared to have milk and was enlarged, gave her an anti inflammatory for the pain.  She had had Cod Liver Oil and ADE after the birth.   Then he did not seem very interested and it was all very frustrating.  He had a couple of soapy enemas for constipation, then pooing and weeing OK.  She has been having Raspberry leaf and Fennel to bring her milk down.

    So here we are 10 days later still giving him five bottles a day, he still sucks on her but does not seem to get much.  Hopefully things will get right.

   No one else had delivered but then just this morning Reina delivered a white boy, Ruffiano, so named because Heroides is doing roofing.  Easy birth just a little help with the shoulders, she was odd last night when I fed and I was sure today was the day.  She is very vocal and was humming the whole while.   This is Pesito's last baby as he has been desexed and at the moment the baby looks Suri.  

So now three more to wait for,  5 days late ,and then Dama and Guevara at the end of the month.  Solano seems to be having more milk from Mum today.  Will post any more news.         Namaste   Joy


  February 6th 2010

    Amazed to see I have not written for over a month! How time flies when you are having fun!

   Not much news to report Alpaca wise, they are all thriving and healthy, Hopefully there will be next month- babies !!

  Ninfo had a little adventure, he came to be fed one morning with a strong wire hooked around his leg. He had somehow stepped in a loop of wire and it twanged behind him as he walked, it was quite long.  Murphy's law, I was on my own here.  He was very twitchy with it, but I managed to get him in a small feed run with bribery ( bread) and I knew where Heroides kept the strong wire cutters. I managed to cut it off and just leave the loop. It was not tight so I thought we could do that later in the day. However by the time Heroides came home he had managed to drop it off.

 We have had a prolific poultry summer, 17 baby chickens, mainly black and white spotty( my Appaloosa's as I call them ) 3 goslings and now 4 ducklings under the two mother ducks and 4 hatched under a chicken, she is amazed when they go swimming !  Unfortunately no guinea fowl, plenty of eggs but they are rotten sitters or Corto and Mbale find and eat the eggs, Corto taught Mbale!

  Toya's back legs get weaker and we have to lift her up sometimes. Heroides is making her a cruciate ligament leg support out of canvas, she has had both legs operated on.

  I kept predicting because November was so hot that February would be cool and wet and sure enough, yesterday we had a huge storm and we had 57 mls of rain and the creek ran through to the banks, the first time this has happened for 14 months.  There was a white out, could not see a thing, thank goodness all the creatures have shelter and it poured.  It managed to seep into the sun room and the carpet tiles were soaked but easy to dry luckily.  We are supposed to have more showers this week, but the rest of summer will be good now and everything will sprout green once again.  It has not been a bad summer really, although hot, as we had 26 mls in January and quite a bit of rain over Christmas, everything has stayed fairly green.

   The wind farm is up and running and I rather like the look of the ones I can see, very majestic, turning slowly. The noise is negligible. or at least here it is and I have not noticed a lack of eagles and falcons.

                    Until next time then, Namaste .    Joy


January 2nd  2010

     Happy New Year to everyone.

   After a hectic family Christmas, things seem to have calmed down for the New Year.

 Not much to report on the Alpaca front, they are all enjoying life with their new haircuts and lovely cooler, rain every so often, weather. Green has actually spread through again.  We had a gorgeous 112 mls over December.  I am now optimistic that January and February will be cooler and wet, that is my forecast anyway!
  No babies due until March. After shearing we weaned babies and the young boys are settled in the front paddock and some young girls with Mimosa and Misty in the maternity paddock. Alegria is still with Misty and feeding from her and I am going to leave her as it will be her last cria, we are not mating her again.
   After shearing too, Ninfo and Guacho went for a trot with the back girls and they were very good. We also put Pesito,  recently desexed stud, but unfortunately he has not lost the urge in his mind, and over a few weeks decided he wanted to mate Katinka. So he has been put back with the studs as this is not an option, no babies but does the females no good.  Pity, because we thought he could be the back wether, girls protector. He is now settled back with the studs.
|  We were very happy with our fleece statistics after shearing, the lowest micron was 15.6 and the most fleece weight was 5 kilos from Tobias , a future stud, he is our magic unicorn!!!!.

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