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News 1st October 2017


Unfortunately, Gaia was nearly better and for some reason has reverted to cow
pats again. Determined to get her there. So, has had Protexin and oil today
and yoghurt tomorrow.   Ciens fringe was cut as she had difficulty seeing things.
She was amazed by her view of the world when we finished. She did not want to move afterwards and insisted on cuddling Hero, putting her head on his shoulder.

All September we have had massive winds, mainly westerly and cold but in the
last few days we or a neighbour have seen smoke from three fires, one yesterday
being black smoke and smelling of rubber.?????

How mad is this, only starting permits for fires today. The rule should be all
fires and fire starting banned in over 30 degrees or high wind days with or
without a permit.

Actually, the whole world has gone mad, what with climate change, hurricanes,
eruptions, earthquakes, floods and refugees.

Dogs are better than people and love you whatever.  Mbale although getting older
is so good and so is Montevideo. They are loving, compassionate, intelligent and
caring and try to do their very best.

Also although I agree you can marry the person you love, I do not agree with the
huge waste of money, spent on the vote, it could be used to feed the homeless.     
Joy         Alpaca Caregiver.

Dawn at La Granja Mbale and Montevideo




News 9/9/2017

         Gorgeous spring day, but we have had a week of strong west winds.
This seems to be the normal thing now, a stretch of fog, or a stretch of frost
(hard) or a stretch of heat.  Never a day or two of each as we used to have!!
Climate change!!

       Girl Alpacas are in the garden and enjoying the green grass.  I tried to
cover all they were not allowed to eat. They are pretty good really and enjoy a
change of scene. The boys who have gone to the back or as far as they dare.

      I am trying to spread love as much as possible as the w orld is such a mess.   
Huge storms, India and America, huge fires, America and Canada and floods.

      Perhaps all this is climate change or coming from a lot of people’s internal
thoughts and violence.  There has to be a change of hearts and perhaps we can
bring in a new Paradise.          
Namaste.      Joy   Alpaca Caregiver.

Montevideo with             Girls in Garden
crested pigeon
Spring Flowers in the Sunroom

News August 20th 2017

            Very cold frosty winter, glad we have a wood fire. Mbale is getting
weaker and more demanding, but the homeopathic drops for rheumatism and
allergy are working. He is 12 and a half and getting fussy but is not in any
serious pain. Monty, the love, tries to look after him.

           I have had a sinus problem which has now nearly gone with colloidal silver.

     Heroides has been having a run of dentist’s appointments. I have a new
computer and it is now good with everything set up and transferred.

   Dama has had a white spot in her eye but it is nearly right with Eyebright
and Macuvision pills.    Gaia’s poo is almost normal.  Tobias’s nails have been cut.

       There has been some lovely rain and the tanks are full.  Lovely, I love
the rain.

       Half of my family came back from their overseas jaunt, 4 weeks ago
but I have not seen them yet.  Mark did ring to say they were back.

          The world news is depressing and I try not to watch the TV.

        Unfortunately, the other day Heroides had his windscreen broken by
black cockatoos dropping a fir cone from a great height. What were they thinking
my friends the cockatoos???

              Namaste Joy AA       Alpaca Caregiver.

Florino                  Hermoso

Alpacas enjoying the 
front garden


News July 10th 2017.

How time flies when you are having fun< life is all about fun.  
Half way through 2017 already.  
So far has been a very chilly and frosty, foggy winter. 
The best place is by the wood fire.

Gaia seems after three or so years to be doing doggie poos rather
than the runs.  Thank goodness, this is after every natural medicine I
could think of and three expensive packets of medicine from America.  
I left her free of any medicine for three months,
would you believe, just Alpaca mix and it worked.  Now all we have to do
is get her back to pellets. if that has not happened by shearing,
we will give her spit. They is the usual time that they spit.
This starts the rumen working again or so I have heard.

Dama has a white spot on her eye and it is getting better as we are
treating her with Eyebright drops and Macuvision pills. All the rest are
fine. We just have Tobias's feet to trim as he needs this every six months.

Mbale is still plodding along and just has a moan occasionally. Old age.
he loves lying in the sun and eats well.

Going to John of God Crystal bed tomorrow. 2 more visits as told from
sending my photo to South America.  Still have sinus, annoying more than anything.

Mark and crowd are in the French Alps, away total six weeks, going all around.

See you next month and on the way to spring !!     

Namaste   Joy,, Alpaca Caregiver.


An old photo of Mbale Mbale
and his brother Corto

Me and my Darlings

News June 9th 2017

     Cold and grey, winter I suppose!! Trees have lost all their leaves,
or the deciduous ones anyway.Nice warm fire, so Ok inside, knitting suri shawl.
Much prefer this to summer anyway, and certainly summer this year.

         Alpacas are well. Pannie keeps going even in her 20th year. 
Gaia too looks in good condition and keeps up even though her poo is not pellets yet.
When we get some spit, we will inoculate her with that, probably at shearing time,
ours do not often spit.!!

         Monty is well and happy but Mbale is feeling his age with a weak back
eg and lumps.  But he is having Rescue Remedy, MSM for his muscles and
Frankincense oil on his lumps. He is relatively pain free and eats well, just an
elder, like his mother!!

       Have put in a few new trees and plants and planted my bulbs and
collected Alpaca poo and leaves and composted trees in the orchard and
around the garden.

     One son and wife have just had a trip to the Red Centre and the other
son and family are going for six weeks to America and Europe etc.

   The world situation is overall not good anywhere and I do feel so sad
for the people caught up in the tragedy.  When will we all learn to live in love
and Peace and harmony?? Soon I hope.

 Well, keep well until next time I write in July.

Joy Allenby-Acuna   Alpaca Caregiver.

Darling Mbale         Geese Enjpy Autumn
      Darling Mbale     Geese & Alpacas in Autumn

Geese in Puddle     Sunroom
Geese enjoying a Puddle Sun Room

News 5th May 2017

Autumn is here upon us, floating yellow and gold and red leaves. Parrots appearing
back and hoping I am going to feed them. All our baby chickens are now grown and
we have two less and six instead of seven ducks where Mr Reynard visited early one
morning.  We have high fences too but the male Alpacas were not in the paddock
he came through as they were on a change of scene day.

      Girls are in the front paddock today as the wind is sharp from the East and
they do not want therefore to go up the hill at the back.

 I have hopefully switched the spa tub on but have not been in for the last few
days because of the cold breeze when one gets out.  Lovely and warm whilst in
there but freezing to grab the towel and jump out.  Enough complaining, I usually
love the sunny days of autumn, especially in the north facing sun room, better
than the awfully hot summer this year.

     My pots of cyclamen are out and I have been planting bulbs, daffodils and crocuses.

We have had the fire, wood, alight for a few days, a week or so and our fire cones
are useful for this reason. I am waiting for the black cockatoos to appear back
in the pine trees.

     Went for a balance of my chakras yesterday and I am told I am very healthy.

 Mbale is getting very vague and sleeping a lot, he celebrated his 12th Birthday on
the 6th April. I am using essential oils on his leg, Frankincense on his lumps. 
Montevideo is coming up to 5 years and loves to play ball and looks after his big
brother and gives him a kiss if he is lonely and cries.  Lovely!!

All for now from the Alpaca Caregiver . Namaste Joy.

Cyclamens in Bloom Misty morning at
La Granja Holistic Alpacs
Nicola & I, my Ganddaughter The Alpacas after on her 13th Birhday with Molly their breakfast


News April 1st 2017

Not a lot to report really. Weather has much improved since summer and
I much prefer autumn.   March was quite rainy, a few mls at a time and
everything is green again, thank goodness.

Have been doing some gardening, transplanting trees and plants. Heroides has
worked on the vegetable patch.   Lots of rocket coming up. He intends to
get some of the cabbage family plants.

Mbale is well, his leg and lumps kept under control by essential oils.   
Gaia is off medicine at the moment having had Vitamin B12 and Protexin and
the next thing to try is to restart her gut with another's spit!!

My heart and health is fine and knees better.

Snakes are going to bed but a few lizards in evidence.
Soon be Easter again, how the year passes so swiftly.

Namaste Joy AA      Alpaca Caregiver.


     Beautiful Florino       Ducks, Geese & Bantams being fed
Joy, in white mode for John of God Crystal bed healing

News March 4th 2017

It has rained at last and we have had 7 mls since the first day
of March. I have read that this summer was the hottest on record in
Canberra and surrounds.
I can believe it and hope it does not happen again.

The Alpacas and Dogs had had enough too, Mbale especially felt
it and slept a lot more.

Gaia has finished all the South American herbs and is no better so
now is on  Protexin and Vitamin B12 for a while, not giving up.!!!!

I love autumn and am looking forward to all the trees changing colour.

I have been a member of the Humane Society for some while and we have
become a Wild Life Sanctuary as a member of the Wild Life Trust.

My spiritual life continues and I went to a card reading and mediumship
circle last night. I find this all helps in the crazy world of today.  
Also, I have my communication with the fairy folk and the elementals.

Divine Love and Deep Peace to all.    Joy AA, Alpaca Caregiver.

Sunrise at La Granja Mbale by the sage
Monty on the bed Our 24yr old Geese & their 2 daughters

February 8th 2017

Summer this year has been awful. Too late to reverse climate change now,
so what to do ????? At least three weeks over 35 degrees.
We used to get here one to three days over 30.

There was a dreadful fire here, started on the property opposite, only
3 kms from us. It burnt out 3,300 hectares, plus 200 sheep, cows, wildlife,
a shed , a house and two cars seemingly. Awful and supposedly started by a
crow flying too near the high tension wires, the second fire stared like this in a month.
Are they serious ?????

We were extremely lucky as the wind was NW and not SE and did not even
change in the evening when it usually does. My angels and guides were hard at work.
Thank you so so much angels . We kept the Alpacas on the short grass at the
front and were prepared to bring them in the garden.
The creatures are what worry me most.

Luckily since then we have had rain and 40 mls in February already.
I adore rain. It is drizzly today. However heading for 40 degrees this weekend.

Montevideo and Mbale are well but have been feeling the heat, especially Mbale
who sleeps more than usual. We are lucky and the thick walls of the
Rammed Earth house keep us cool without putting on the air conditioner.
We have used fans at night.

I certainly feel all summer in Australia could be Total Fire Ban,
I wonder why it is not ??

Not long until autumn and cannot wait. Divine Love and Deep Peace to all.
Joy AA Alpaca caregiver.

Abundance of Cherry Plums Beautiful Sunset (Angel)
Friends, Gemma & Leonie with me and Doggies


January 9th 2017

How this year has flown by.  Had a visitor Gemma from Queensland and we
were all in bed by 10 pm for New Year and fast asleep, no fireworks for us oldies. 
I have been to the Sydney ones in reality and they are pretty but once or twice
is enough. I do wish they were without noise for the poor dogs and cats who are
so affected.  Or perhaps a good idea is not to have them at all and save
all those millions.

Luckily we are in the country and could not hear any here.

The remaining 19 Alpacas are well, we sent Leti to heaven in December
about a fortnight after being shorn. She had a bad back for awhile and it was
affecting her eating and drinking and grazing and the last day she could not cush.
We got the local vet and according to her it was a neurological problem,
probably a brain tumour. All I know is my heart is broken, yet again.!! They all
said goodbye and Gaia kissed her through the fence, they were commiserating
about being ill, I am sure. Sentient and spiritual. Gaia is still on South American
herbs and I hope getting there. Having a consult with a Holistic vet tomorrow
about her and Mbale's weak leg.

I do so hope the New Year brings you all you want yourself, it is going to be a
good one. So for it is a very hot summer here. a lot of over 30 degrees,
climate change. Can take it if we have lots of rain.    
Namaste  Joy    Alpaca Caregiver and Advocate.

   Arco Iris (Rainbow)        MAYU (Celestial River)

Mbale & two Bantams
trying to get his bone


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